Not finding an organization that fits your personality? You can start your own! We welcome our Redhawks to start clubs and organizations to benefit them if none exist. Use this page to determine best practices to start and successfully manage a student organization. 


Requirements for Student Organizations 

  • Five current students in good academic (2.0 cumulative GPA or better) and disciplinary standing  
  • Advisor who is a current faculty member, staff member, or graduate assistant  
  • An updated constitution or bylaws with the University’s anti-hazing policy and non-discrimination statement  
  • Organization must be open to all students.  
  • Write a Student Organization Constitution 

Registration through Engage SEMO 

  • To be considered registered, all information must be completed and approved by 5 p.m. October 1 in Engage SEMO.  
  • Failure to submit your registration by 5 p.m. October 1 will result in losing privileges with Event Services & Scheduling and funding from Student Government until registration is completed.  

Before you Register your Organization

Make sure you have the following:  

  • Your University-affiliated advisor must have already created a profile in Engage SEMO. Share the log-in instructions with them, so you can get started.  
  • Your organization governing document (electronic file in Microsoft Word format).  
  • Log in to Engage SEMO at 
  • Click on “Organizations” at the of the page.  
  • Click “Register an Organization” to begin.   


  • Maintain an active membership list in Engage SEMO.  
  • Update your Engage SEMO info every time there is a change in officers and/or advisor(s).  
  • Follow University policies.  
  • Adhere to the Student Code of Conduct  
  • Adhere to the Anti-Hazing Policy  
  • Non-Discrimination Statement  

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Free room reservations through Event Services & Scheduling  
  • Option to reserve space at the Student Involvement Fair and Welcome Back Picnic the following fall semester  
  • Free advertising through the Engage in 8! Engage SEMO, Southeast Portal, and First STEP information items  
  • Eligibility for Dollars for Innovative Campus Events (DICE) funding  
  • Eligibility for SGA funding  
  • An on-campus organization mailbox  

Student Code of Conduct

  • Student organizations or groups may be charged with violations of the Code of Student Conduct. The organization and its officers may be held responsible collectively and/or individually when violations of the Code of Conduct are associated with a group activity of the organization (whether formally or informally organized).  
  • Officers or leaders do not have to be present for an event to be considered a group activity. Faculty, staff, students, or other community members (including the surrounding community) may make complaints against student organizations.   
  • The Office of Student Conduct will review the complaint and determine if Code of Conduct charges are warranted. If so, the president of the organization will be notified of the charges and the day and time of the judicial conference.  



Division of Equity, Access, and Behavioral Health -  Vice President Office of Student Conduct  
University Center, Room 422  
(573) 651-2264  


Engage SEMO

Use Engage SEMO to review the various campus organizations, how to organize and manage your student group, and more.

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