Giving back to the community is important at Southeast. We encourage all students, faculty, and staff to volunteer when they get the chance. The best way to get involved is through Southeast Serves!

Southeast Serves is a program that provides students, faculty, and staff with the opportunity to engage in community service on and off-campus. We offer both one-time and on-going service opportunities that address critical needs in our community through meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships! All of the programs and events are designed to challenge participants to reflect upon their commitment to social justice and empower them to work toward solutions.   

Community service activities may include but are not limited to:  

  • Academic service-learning 
  • Co-curricular service learning  
    (not part of an academic course, but utilizing service-learning elements)  
  • Co-curricular student volunteer activities. Community service includes both direct service to citizens  
    (e.g., serving food to the needy) and indirect service  
    (e.g., assessing community nutrition needs or managing a food bank).

Impacting our community starts with you!

Volunteering provides so many opportunities to give back! Southeast has many different projects and the perfect option is waiting for you! Learn of our ongoing service projects, upcoming dates, and how to get involved!

Volunteer Information

Why should you volunteer? How do you get involved? We’ve got you covered! Learn about our upcoming events, how to sign up, and how to log your hours!

 Southeast Alumnus

""College is more than just learning in a classroom, it’s also about learning how to work with other people and solve problems together.""

 Cory Brethold

 Southeast Alumnus, Cory Brethold, sits at a desk working to repair a part from a laptop.