About Meal Plans

At Southeast Missouri State University, we offer several meal plan options for residents and commuters. For our residents, we offer three different meal plan options: classic, premium, and block plans. We also offer Redbucks for both our resident and commuter students.

Resident Meal Plan Options 

Resident meal plans come in two parts: meals-per-week and flex dollars. Both parts of the meal plan are loaded on to your university ID and are a mandatory part of your housing contract. We offer classic meal plans and block meal plans. Premium and Classic meal plans run Sunday through Saturday.

Classic Meal Plans 

Offers one meal swipe per meal period 

  • Classic 5 Meal Plan plus $135 Flex - $1,190 per semester 
  • Classic 10 Meal Plan plus $80 Flex - $1,380 per semester 
  • Classic 15 Meal Plan plus $70 Flex - $1,560 per semester 
  • Classic 19 Meal Plan plus $58 Flex - $1,690 per semester

Premium Meal Plans 

Offers unlimited meal swipes per meal period 

  • Premium 5 Meal Plan plus $135 Flex - $1,245 per semester 
  • Premium 10 Meal Plan plus $80 Flex - $1,445 per semester 
  • Premium 15 Meal Plan plus $70 Flex - $1,645 per semester 
  • Premium 19 Meal Plan plus $58 Flex - $1,780 per semester

Block Meal Plans 

Offers a set number of meal swipes for the semester  

  • For use at Towers Café only 
  • 90 Block Meal Plan - $975 per semester 

Flex Dollars 

Flex Dollars accompany each meal plan in varying amounts. They are held in a “declining balance account” that works on the same principle as a debit card. You can use your flex to purchase beverages or snacks, pay for items that exceed your value exchange, or even purchase a full meal in any dining location. Each time you make a purchase, the amount is subtracted from your flex dollar balance.

Flex dollars for fall semesters carry over to the spring semester. Flex Dollars from the spring semester do not carry over to the summer semester nor the following fall semester. You cannot purchase additional flex. Additional dining dollars can be purchased as Redbucks.

Redbucks – For Commuters and Residents 

Redbucks are the declining dollar meal plan that goes right onto your student ID. They save you time, money, and the hassle of finding a parking space. 

Redbucks come in increments ranging from $50 to $800 and come with a 5% bonus. 

For every Redbucks order over $100 you receive 5% back as Bonus Bucks to your account.

Bonus Bucks operate the same as Redbucks with two exceptions. You must use through your Redbucks account before you can use Bonus Bucks as payment, and Bonus Bucks are only valid for the semester that you purchase them.  

So if you purchase $100 in Redbucks, you receive $100 in Redbucks and $5 in Bonus Bucks to your account. 

Redbucks can always be added to a meal plan and will carry over from semester to semester and from one year to the next.


Text your feedback and questions directly to the directors of each location!

Towers Café, Rowdy's, Subway, Kaldi's Coffee House in Scully - (620) 702-5070

Redhawks Market, Starbucks, Panda Express, Kaldi's Coffee House in Kent Library, Houck's Place: (573) 837-1144

St. Vincent's Commons: (918) 534-8773 

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We offer several meal plan options for our resident and commuter students.

How Do I Change My Meal Plan?

You have eight weeks from the first day of classes to change your meal plan. You may change your meal plan by contacting the Office of Residence Life or by filling out the residence life online meal plan change request.

Meals Only Contract

Greek Village residents, commuter students, and faculty/staff are eligible to complete a Meals Only contract.

Chartwells Dining Service

At Southeast, Chartwells Dining Service is the leader in on-campus dining and catering services. Led by a classically trained culinary chef, it is Chartwells mission to serve trendy meals to please everyone.

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