We're doing whatever it takes to prepare grounded and confident graduates. But a quality education is so much more than a Carnahan Hall lecture or time spent among the stacks at Kent Library.

A Southeast education is built from all the experiences of everyday life here – time spent meeting friends for lunch at the University Center, catching tipoff at the Houck Field House, or picking up produce at the Cape Riverfront Market.

Life at SEMO is shaped not only by the 400 suburban acres we encompass in Cape Girardeau but by the 12,000 students who enroll here. Community thrives in our residence halls, service opportunities, leadership programs, classrooms and beyond.

Life at SEMO

  • Community Service

    We’re an industrious bunch at Southeast, not only contributing fresh ideas to our community, but also rolling up our sleeves to make it a better place to live and learn. Southeast Serves offers both one-time and on-going service opportunities that address critical needs in our community.
  • Leadership Development

    Join the go-getters, the leaders of tomorrow who seize opportunities and embrace the challenges of today. Leadership programs are a big part of what we do at Southeast, instilling skills and knowledge to stand ahead of the pack with the will to do.
  • University Center

    Grab a bite to eat, buy your books or visit with your student government representatives. The University Center is at the heart of life at Southeast, providing an on-campus meeting place for student organizations and support services.
  • Event Services & Scheduling

    Reserve a room, order food and let us help with the details. Campus Life & Event Services is available to help during all parts of the event planning process, from picking an appropriate meeting or event space on campus to reviewing reservation policies and guidelines to ensure the event is nothing but a success.

You just can't learn about life. You have to live it.

Get Involved

Discover your next passion or meet people who already share the ones you have. There are any number of opportunities for you to get involved at Southeast. So meet some new people, explore different ideas, and try new things. Adventure awaits.

Special Events

  • Carpe Diem

    Experience cultural music videos, cooking tutorials, fashion shows and even a TikTok cultural dance challenge — all in celebration of international diversity. Carpe Diem is an annual event designed to showcase the people and the cultures of the countries represented here at Southeast.
  • Homecoming

    Come back to the Cape to reconnect with old friends and your alma mater. Homecoming Alumni is always a fun-filled event filled with Southeast traditions and culminating in the annual Homecoming Parade and football game.
  • Family Weekend

    Southeast is more than just its students. It’s the families who help make their education possible. Family Weekend Campus Life is a time when relatives from around the country come to Cape Girardeau to visit campus, spend time with their students, meet friends, tour facilities, and cheer on Redhawk Football, of course.
  • University Speakers

    Southeast regularly invites academic scholars, titans of industry, entrepreneurs, and celebrities of note to share their insights with our campus community. It’s a perk of a community committed to listening and learning.

Student, Nursing

"SEMO is a great place to go to school. I love everything about SEMO and what it has to offer. Life on campus is something that you will never get to experience again."

Hannah Lincoln

Hannah Lincoln