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Field School 

Each summer, students in our historic preservation program have the opportunity to attend the Summer Field School in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri to gain hands-on experiences in the oldest town in the state. Students learn to document, interpret, and preserve historical buildings and environments at the authentic 18th and 19th century Felix Valle State Historic Site. 


Students in the Department of History and Anthropology also have access to internships and advanced projects that will give them real-world experience in the field, and a chance to use the skills they’re learning in the classroom.  

Internship Opportunities 

  • Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center 
  • Mastodon State Historic Site 
  • St. Louis Nature Center 
  • KRCU 
  • Illinois Migrant Council 
  • Migrant Whole Health Outreach 
  • University of Costa Rica at Turrialba

"“We can talk about what you would do in a classroom context, and you need that theoretical background, but the experiences of actually being in the real-world and real environment and actively working on projects, there’s no substitute for that.”"

Dr. Steven Hoffman - Professor of History

A portrait of Dr. Stephen Hoffman, professor and program coordinator for Historic Preservation.

Study Abroad

We know sometimes you need to leave the nest to learn. That’s why we’ve got study abroad opportunities in more than 50 locations around the world. Short term, whole semester, for credit, or for the experience—whatever the learning opportunity you’re interested in, there’s a program to match. 

Center for Regional History

The Bollinger Center for Regional History works to preserve, present, and promote the history of the southeast Missouri region.

Student Organizations

Get involved with other students in your major through one of many student organizations focused in history and anthropology.

Do more than take classes: Solve mysteries.

A team of Southeast students and faculty solved a real-world cold case in southeast Missouri. Through the use of forensic genealogy the group identified human remains found in a field in 1979.

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