Financial aid is important to further your education. Several scholarships specifically for SEMO English majors are available. 

Ruth VanAmburg James Scholarship 
The James Scholarship is awarded to a sophomore English major who graduated from a high school in Cape Girardeau County.  The recipient must have an overall GPA of 2.5 and a 3.0 in English classes.  Financial need will also be considered. 
Harry Huebel Memorial Scholarship 
The Huebel Scholarship is awarded to a student who has a minimum of 60 hours with a declared major in history, art, literature, or foreign language.  It is based on academic merit and good character.  Financial need may also be a consideration in cases involving several highly qualified applicants. 
The Janet Paar Greene Endowed Scholarship 
The recipient of this scholarship must be an English Education major.  First preference goes to a resident of Jackson, Missouri; second preference goes to a Cape Girardeau County resident.  Only one recipient will be selected for each academic year. 
Helen Uhl Collins Scholarship 
The Helen Uhl Scholarship is for those students who need financial aid and have maintained at least a 2.5 GPA.  All students who fit this description should feel free to apply, though preference will be given to English majors. 
Lea Abernathy Scholarship 
The Abernathy Scholarship is awarded each spring to a student who writes the best article, story, play, or poem with religious overtones.  The winner will be chosen by the chair of the Department of English. 
Jennie C. Cooper Scholarship Fund 
This scholarship award is for an American student studying abroad, preferably in Europe. The scholarship is intended for a student who majors in one of the liberal arts or in an interdisciplinary degree involving liberal arts. First preference is for the descendants of Jennie C. Cooper; second preference is for children of her former students; third preference is for study in England. 
Dr. Dwight Dean Shackelford Endowed Scholarship 
This scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate English major with financial need. 

Dr. Robert and Dr. Linda Burns Scholarship 
This scholarship is for an English major. First preference is for an English education major who is a graduate of Butterfield Youth Services Organization. Second preference is for an English education major, and third preference is for a graduate of Butterfield Youth Services. Financial need can be a consideration for the award but is not a requirement.

SEMO Scholarships

Scholarships are a great way to pay for college without incurring debt. See all the options from Southeast’s generous scholarship program to offset the cost of higher education.

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