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A limited number of assistantships are available for qualified students in the Harrison College of Business and Computing, so early application is recommended. Students applying for an assistantship are required to present a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.7. A graduate assistantship provides a tuition waiver plus a stipend and a free parking pass. 

The purpose of a Graduate Assistantship is intended to support the recruitment of highly qualified students into the graduate program and to support current students who have demonstrated outstanding success in the graduate work they have completed.

Graduate Assistantships

For those individuals seeking a graduate assistantship in the Harrison College of Business and Computing the following items are required: 

  • Admission to the Graduate School and the MBA Program. 
  • Current Resume. 
  • Letter of application, which includes information, related to the following: previous academic performance, business experience, computer processing and programming skills, statistical knowledge, and literature research experience. Please include the web address of your YouTube video (see next bullet.) 
  • Personal video on YouTube providing answer to two questions: 
    • Why are you applying for a GA position? 
    • What are the unique skills you bring to a GA position? 

Please send all application materials to Dana McAdams.

Selection Process/Expectations

  • Application and acceptance letter to Grad School on file 
  • Transcript on file 
  • Resume 
  • Criteria 
    • GPA (Academic Performance - Undergraduate and/or Current Graduate GPA). 
    • Skills and Experiences (on resume) 
    • Business Experience 
      • Computer Skills 
      • Statistical Skills 
      • Library Skills 
      • Writing Skills 
  • Full-time students (Enrolled in at least 9 hours and maintaining good academic standing as explained in General Provision #1 in the Graduate Bulletin). 
  • Graduate assistants are not to take more than 12 hours per semester. 
  • A regular 9-month academic year (fall, spring) commitment, including an annual written evaluation by the supervisor. 
  • This academic research assistantship will include a written evaluation completed by the assistant's immediate supervisor at the conclusion of the contract period. 

When there are graduate assistant positions available, the job posting will be listed on Handshake. 

Application materials for spring assistantships are due by October 15. 
Application materials for fall assistantships are due by March 15.

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