The Department of Music Student Ambassadors consists of a small group of students majoring in any area within the department. Ambassadors are involved in recruiting students through assisting with Auditions, Campus Tours, Show Me Days, Music Major Days, and possibly the River Campus Arts Festival and other community engagements. 


Ambassadors must have completed 30 hours of course work with at least a 3.0 GPA.  

Applicants must be full time, degree-seeking undergraduate music students. 

This is a volunteer service position for department leaders who want to help shape the future of the Department of Music at Southeast Missouri State University. Ambassadors are expected to be responsible, honest, respectful, communicative, and to represent the Department of Music to the best of their abilities – at all times.  


  • Audition Days 
  • Show Me Days 
  • Campus Tours 
  • Auditions 
  • River Campus Arts Festival 
  • MMEA Booth Representatives 

Ambassadors may be dismissed for not meeting the expectations of the position. In order to be selected for a second or third year, the Ambassadors must meet the minimum expectations and fulfill the responsibilities previously listed. They must also demonstrate these expectations by being a team player, and demonstrating personal initiative, leadership abilities, and commitment to the Department of Music. Department Ambassadors will be provided with a polo shirt to wear as the uniform. 

If you are interested in becoming a Music Ambassador, complete the form below.

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