Production Season: 2019-2020

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Position Name
Director Kitt Lavoie
Choreographer Michelle Contrino
Music Director Josh Harvey
Scenic Designer and Pupper Designer Brandon M. Newton
Costume Designer Amber Marisa Cook
Lighting Designer Christopher George Haug
Sound Designer Philip Nacy


Character Name
Shrek Andrew Feigenbaum
Pricess Fiona Josslyn Shaw
Donkey Gabriel Generally
Lord Farquaad Cole Kennedy
Dragon Alexia Buckner
Teen Fiona Emily Dean
Young Fiona Clare Bledsoe
Pinocchio Jeremiah Brown
Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy Mahala Pruett-Pittman
Pig #1/Duloc Greeter Sophia Wilson
Pig #2/Bishop Michael Reitano
Pig #3/ Papa Ogre Jacob Donnelly
Mama Ogre/Humpty Dumpty Aliegha Ramos
Mama Bear Addie Lee
Baby Bear Erin O'Brien
Shoemaker's Elf Paige Flotman
Ugly Duckling Mae Baustert
Big Bad Wolf/King Harold/Captain Guard Alex Hatchell
Witch Julia Slomski
Fairy Godmother/Queen Lillian Isabel Fagre
Peter Pan Diamon Lester
Pied Piper/Mad Hatter Henry Leith
White Rabbit Maura Floretta
Young Shrek/Dwarf Noah Hager
Guard Yul Carrion
Dragon Back-Ups/3 Blind Mice Kanish Kellum, Addie Lee, Lexi Richmond
Guards Jeramiah Brown, Yul Carrion, Ethan Kleekamp, Henry Leith, Reis Lundstrom, Brooke Menzies, Anna Meyers, Joe Parker, Caroline Powers
Duloc Dancers Jeramiah Brown, Yul Carrion, Jessica Erwin, Barry J GoldBre Hays, Reis Lundstrom, Mary McGough, Patti Meadors, Brooke Menzies, Anna Meyers, Isabel Nauman, Caroline Powers, Julia Slomski, Alfonso Valdespino, Emily Wilkerson
Knights in Dragon Castle Alec Hatchell, Ethan Kleekamp, Henry Leith, Joe Parker 
Dancing Rats Jeramiah Brown, Yul Carrion, Barry J Gold, Bre Hays, Patti Meadors, Brooke Menzies, Anna Meyers, Isabel Nauman 
Puppeteers Alfonso Valdespino, Yul Carrion, Megan Clifford, Barry J Gold, Emily Wilkerson

Production Staff

Position Name
Production Stage Manager Zachary Brunkhorst
Assistant Director Michelle Cuizon
Assistant Director Cynthia Thomas
Assistant Choreographer Anastasia Novak
Assistant Musical Director Madalyn Bitter
Assistant Musical Director Kanisha Kellum
Assistant Stage Manager Ashlyn Perry
Assistant Stage Manager Molly Viega
Assistant Scenic Charge Artist Rebecca MK Smith
Assistant Costume Designer Olivia Swartout
Costume Crafts Andy Bruening
Assistant Makeup Designer Cate Groghan
Assistant Makeup Designer Carole Anne Miller
Assistant Lighting Designer Nadirah Muhammad
Office Location
River Campus Seminary, 454
Mailing Address
One University Plaza, MS 7850
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701