Reviews are established by the Conservatory of Theatre and Dance as a central element in the assessment of progress for the individual Theatre and Dance BFA candidate.

The schedules for BFA Reviews are posted in mid-April.

Each student should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your designated review time in order to be ready to quickly prepare your accompanist/music, lay out a résumé/portfolio, and then introduce yourself and your work to the faculty.

Remember to wear professional audition attire appropriate to your discipline.

Review Procedures

All students will be juried during the spring semester.
  • A quorum of faculty in the respective areas of study must be present for the review to convene. A quorum consists of no fewer than three full-time faculty members, including the advisor of record.
  • The content of individual reviews is determined in consultation with the advisor and with Theatre and Dance faculty. In addition, all students must wear professional interview attire.
    • BFA Acting students shall bring a properly edited résumé, headshot, and degree audit.
    • BFA Dance students shall bring a properly edited résumé, head/body shot, and degree audit. 
    • BFA Design/Technology students shall prepare and lay out their updated portfolio, a properly edited résumé, and degree audit. Each student will discuss their work and progress.
    • BFA Musical Theatre students shall bring a properly edited résumé, head/body shot, and degree audit. For students entering Fall 2015 or later: as an integral part of the Review process, all BFA Acting and Musical Theatre Majors must audition for at least one combined or professional audition each school year. (for example: SETCs, Midwest, Tent Theatre, McLeod Theatre, or others) Students are highly encouraged, but not required, to accept roles.

Review Grades

During the reviews, the faculty will individually record their comments on the applicable review matrices and send their finished copies to the BFA Review Coordinator within three days. Areas of strengths and weaknesses in rehearsal, performance, academics, and career planning will be highlighted for each student. Faculty will also include their written vote concerning the student’s work based on one of the following three choices: 

  • Pass: The student is progressing satisfactorily toward completion of the BFA.
  • Probation: The student has resolvable issues impeding successful completion of the BFA. The advisor of record will present the student with specific and detailed written "Suggestions from the Faculty” within one business week of the review. The student must implement those suggestions during the next one or two full semesters prior to the next scheduled review.
  • Fail: The student has irresolvable issues preventing successful completion of the BFA. (For example: An individual student has failed to make satisfactory progress after being placed on official probation.) The student is removed from the BFA degree program.
  • BFA candidates will be notified in writing of the voting results and recommendations within one week of their review.
  • Students will be juried once per year of enrollment, at the end of the spring semester. Dates of reviews will be announced by the Chair.
  • Exit Interview and Review: The senior student’s final review (prior to graduation) will be in the form of an exit interview with the Chair of the Department.

Appeals Process

Every student has the right to appeal a FAILING rating from the review board. No other appeals will be considered. (For example: An appeal to shift the review assessment from PROBATION to PASS is not permitted.)

  1. First, the student must meet with the advisor of record to discuss the appeal and the appeal process.
  2. Second, the student must meet with the chair of the Conservatory of Theatre and Dance along with the advisor of record. The student is responsible for convening this meeting; the chair and advisor MUST both be present.
  3. Third, the student must submit a FORMAL letter of appeal to the Conservatory of Theatre and Dance in which the student presents a plan for dealing with the issues and problems that led to his/her rating of FAIL.
  4. Fourth, the Conservatory of Theatre and Dance, acting as a committee of the whole convened by the advisor of record, by the start of the semester following the review rating of FAIL, will vote to (1) Change the current rating to PROBATION, or (2) Maintain the rating of FAIL. 
No other outcome will be considered.
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