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International Business Program

People around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of international trade and doing business abroad. Some of this awareness is due to the increasing membership in the European Union, the global stance on democracy, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the increasing availability of information via the Internet. Simply put, students who graduate from college today without exposure to international perspectives and global economic conditions ar not fully prepared for tomorrow's jobs.

The Donald L. Harrison College of Business and Computing at Southeast Missouri State University offers a major in International Business under the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program accredited by AACSB International. A minor in International Business is also available. In addition, a number of semester exchange and immersion programs of one to five weeks are offered. More information can be found at:

The primary objective of the major in International Business is to provide specialized curriculum for students interested in managerial careers in international business. Students develop the following:

  1. Competencies in foundational areas of business,
  2. Additional core workplace skills,
  3. In-depth understanding of the international dimension to the business,
  4. Enhanced sensitivity to other cultures.

By design, the program is interdisciplinary and integrative in nature, emphasizing the development of cultural, financial, managerial, marketing and economic understanding of the international environment.

The cultural dimension is addressed through directed electives, which are part of the general General Education requirement, in conjunction with a study abroad requirement. While English is firmly established as the language of business, courses in a foreign language may be added so students completing the program will have a basic understanding of the structure of another language. We believe this level of instruction is consistent with the goal of promoting a deeper understanding of a non-U.S. culture.

Graduates in International Business at Southeast are prepared for employment with companies participating in all aspects of international commerce and trade. Potential employers range from small businesses to large multinational corporations.

In a recent article in the Journal of Education for Business, establishing a series of courses focusing on global issues and integrating international topics into existing courses were two of the ways discussed by which business programs could become internationalized. At Southeast we have done both.

Thus, students who graduate from our international business program are prepared to meet the demands of today and tomorrow, both at home and abroad. At home, employers value employees with such skills as they begin to compete in the international marketplace with their products. Abroad, companies rely on these skills in order to do business with the U.S. market, the most vital of world economies.

The International Business Major

International business is an interdisciplinary major which leads to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. This program integrates course work in regional and cultural studies, business administration and language. Specifically, the requirements are as follows:

  • General Education/General Education - 51 hours
  • Business Core- 39 hours
  • International Business Classes - 21 hours
  • Foreign Language/Culture classes- 3-12 hours
  • Business Minor/Electives - 9-15 hours
  • Total hours - 124 hours (some courses count in more than one of the above categories)

General Education provides a common set of liberal learning objectives, complemented by core work place skills including communication skills, critical thinking skills and lifelong learning skills. In addition, General Education includes a core of cultural studies to sensitize students to cultural differences. The general business core is required of all BSBA students and builds on the skills introduced through General Education, while providing foundation knowledge leading to more advanced undergraduate studies in an area of business. The international business core provides specialized study and experiential learning activities, emphasizing the unique characteristics of international business.

A required business minor offers a concentration that gives students a deeper understanding of one functional area of business to complement the specialized knowledge of the international dimension to business. In combination, the curriculum components contribute to the success graduates will have in functioning in non-U.S. culture within a business environment.

In addition to the major in international business, students majoring in another business area may include a minor in international business in their study plan.

The Faculty

The international business program is coordinated by the Donald L. Harrison College of Business and Computing. The curriculum draws on courses in the following areas: accounting, marketing, management, African studies, Asian studies, communication, western and eastern European studies, finance, French, German, Spanish, Latin American studies, speech communication and the Writing Center.

Over 95 percent of our courses are taught by dedicated, full-time faculty who bring the wealth of their experiences and research to the classroom.

For more information, contact: International Business Programs, Southeast Missouri State University, One University Plaza, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, (573) 651-5116, or


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