You have done the research. You have visited, questioned, read, and researched. You’ve agonized and deliberated and changed your mind. You have applied to college. Now what? There’s actually still a lot to do, and more importantly, a lot of things that can still help you.


1) If you’ve applied to a school, see when that school is visiting your high school. The admission counselor will be there and that means, you can ask questions. We’d all rather send an anonymous email that doesn’t make us feel like we don’t know things when we have questions. But, if you talk to the counselor, you get questions answered on the spot, specific to you. It will save time and allow you to follow up with additional questions you’re bound to have.


2) As you begin your senior year, double check the courses you need for admittance. Make sure you will have what’s required upon graduation. At your semester break, if you’re considering course changes, don’t forget to talk about it with your admission counselor! Sometimes changing courses changes eligibility.


3) Speaking of changing eligibility, monitor your GPA. Did it go up at the semester? That could change your scholarship application. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase scholarship dollars!

All in all, staying in contact with your admission counselor is a good thing. Keeping them updated keeps you informed. Plus, their very existence is to help you through this monumental process. They are a partner, so use them! And, trust us, keep asking questions!