Have you ever considered studying abroad? Maybe when you were a child, you dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris or trying new foods in China?


If traveling or learning about a new culture is something that interests you, then you're in luck, because Southeast offers a wide variety of study abroad opportunities for students from all majors and interests in more than 35 countries!

 There are a variety of benefits to studying abroad, such as: 

  • Seeing more of the world - By living in a different country, you will experience a new culture and atmosphere. You will get to try new foods and activities, learn about foreign customs and traditions, and see historic landmarks. You may even get to see neighboring countries! For example, if you are studying in England, you’ll have the option to travel to France, Rome, or Scotland.
  • Learning a new language - While many of Southeast’s abroad programs are taught in English and do not require foreign language skills, you can still learn a new language if you want to. Many universities offer language courses and hearing people speak in a different language everyday may help you pick up on certain words, phrases, and meanings. Knowing a second language would be a huge new skill that will increase your hire ability in future jobs. 
  • Education Opportunities - Studying overseas can be beneficial as other countries have different styles of education that will show students a brand-new side to their major. It will also increase your understanding of a different culture, to see how they learn. It will expand your academic horizons and help you develop the capacity to adapt to various educational settings and become more versatile in future workplaces. 
  • Career Opportunities - SEMO offers internships and student teaching opportunities overseas. These opportunities will help you develop valuable career skills. According to Global HR News, nearly three in four employers cited study abroad as important when evaluating the resume of a job candidate for a junior-level position. At Southeast ninety-seven percent of alumni secured a job within one year after graduation. Eighty-nine percent of alumni got their first job within 6 months of graduation, with almost half securing the job while still in school. Eighty-four percent of alumni felt that studying abroad helped them build valuable job skills, such as language proficiency, cultural training, tolerance for ambiguity, adaptability, and communication.
  • Broadening Your Perspective - Studying abroad will enrich your perspectives of different cultures when you get to experience them firsthand. This will help you learn about different world views and issues. This knowledge and the life skills that come from it, such as adaptability, will be beneficial to any future job. This will also be beneficial for business majors as they get to learn more about how international businesses work. 
  • Expanding your Network - When you study abroad, you will meet a variety of people which can lead to making new friends and building relationships with teachers and mentors overseas. These kinds of connections have helped many alumni find future opportunities for jobs and build life-long friendships. 
  • Choosing how long you stay - Whether you like going to new places or staying close to your home and family, there are ways to make traveling abroad suitable for you. At Southeast, opportunities range from two- to three-week short study tours to semester and academic year-long programs. In addition, we offer internships and student teaching opportunities overseas. 


Overall, to study abroad is a rich and enlightening experience that we highly encourage students to consider as it would be beneficial to their future careers and lives.

  Written by: Brianna Brickey