Getting a college degree doesn’t mean that you have to move away from your hometown. College is already challenging; you shouldn’t have to go out of your way to further your education.

Southeast’s regional campuses offer 10 complete degree programs right in your own backyard! You are guaranteed to receive a quality education at our Kennett Regional Campus, Sikeston Regional Campus, Poplar Bluff Delivery Site and Cape College Center. Attending college close to home has several perks! Not only is it a huge money saver to live at home, but it is also extremely comforting to know that you are still surrounded by your friends and family while you take on the next chapter of your life. Attending college close to home can also open more internship and networking opportunities. Staying at home allows you to keep your job at home and take advantage of the connections that you have already made. This could really help build a foundation for your post-grad job search. 

Gretchen Hanlin chose to attend Sikeston Regional Campus so she could get a quality education without having to miss out on opportunities at home. Gretchen said, “When I was trying to decide where to attend college, I spent a lot of time analyzing tuition prices. I wanted to make sure that I would not accumulate an amount of student loan debt that would hinder my future. In addition, my family was making some very exciting changes at the time, and I wanted to be close enough to them that I could watch all of their hard work pay off.  The Sikeston Regional Campus was the only option that would ensure I could graduate debt free and spend an ample amount of time with my family. My experience at the Sikeston Regional Campus was truly phenomenal.  As an education major, I always felt truly blessed to have professors who were still teaching in an elementary school setting or were freshly out of the classroom.  This reassured me and my peers that what we were learning was accurate and would be effective in our future classrooms. I have to say my favorite part about the regional campus is the opportunity it provides for the hard-working people of Southeast Missouri. The affordability of the regional campuses makes graduating college a reality for all. Each day, I teach my room full of first graders and I know that an excellent, affordable education is waiting for them just thirty miles away if they choose to seize the opportunity” (Gretchen Hanlin – Sikeston Regional Campus Student). 

When you choose to further your education, it's important to pick the best fit for you. Southeast’s regional campuses allow you to attend college without having to leave your hometown, family, friends and job behind. 

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