Taken more pictures.

Yes, you've probably heard this one before. But, it's true! And, it's worth it. I remember being embarrassed at times to take pictures. After all, freshman year was going to last forever, right? Spoiler, it didn't. I wish I had taken pictures of everything, even just sitting with my friends and doing homework. When your mom shoves the camera in your face for move in day, parents weekend, or just that random weekend visit, don't push it away. 

 Gone to ALL of the free events.

As a freshman, I didn't truly realize the joy that comes with free events. I had just come from home, where I didn't have to pay for my own food. Now that I have for a few years, I definitely appreciate the events with free food more. Also, all of the free entertainment events are a must do. My favorite of this was the free escape room that SAC coordinated. 

Gotten an on-campus job.

I am fortunate to not have to work full-time while in college. I got a job off campus my freshman year, and they weren't always understanding about my school schedule. There are so many different jobs to choose from on campus, and they are great about working with your class and extra curricular schedule. Some of my friends got their on-campus job freshman year, and they are still working in that same position. It allows you to have just enough hours to make some money, while not feeling like you're drowning in work. Some jobs, like computer lab assistant, even allow you to work on your homework when no one needs your assistance.

Gone to more sporting events.

In high school, I was in the band, so I was required to go to every football and basketball game. Because of this, it felt like a chore. College is completely different. The atmosphere is hyped the entire time, and it's the best place to find SEMO spirit. Also, games are FREE to get in to for SEMO students. 

Gone to more of my professor's office hours. 

Having a good relationship with your professors is one of the best ways to network and prepare yourself for the career field. I had some amazing professors my freshman year, and I loved their classes. I wish I had gone to their office hours to improve that relationship. I also had a lot of the same professors for classes, so if I had created that relationship early, it would have been beneficial for future classes.  

Said "no" less.

I was a freshman from 2019-2020. That means I got sent home from COVID-19 in March of my freshman year. I had finally felt like I had hit the "sweet" spot of college, and it was so sad to have to leave. I had all these things planned to do that I didn't get to. You never know when something will happen that will change your plans, so it's important to live in the moment. There were many times I was invited to something that I thought, "I'll just do it next time." There was never a time I regretted saying yes to an invitation.


Appreciated living in the dorms more.

This one might be surprising, as you probably hear dorm horror stories all the time. I live off campus now, with my own room and my own bathroom. But, I miss the times when all of my best friends were just a walk down the hallway. Food was just an elevator ride down, and I didn't have to check my gas tank before going to class. Living in the dorms pushed me to do more things since I was already there anyway. I also lived in community style dorms, and I actually do miss not having to clean my own bathroom. 


Not been afraid to explore other majors/ minors.

Going into SEMO, I chose marketing as my major. I didn't choose a minor because it wasn't required. The second semester of my freshman year, I decided to choose a double minor in psychology and environmental science. I picked them both with the intention of seeing which one I liked more. I didn't like either of them. I picked psychology because I thought it would pair well with marketing, even though I didn't have an interest in it. I picked environmental science because I liked plants, but I didn't want to learn about geology and all of the other parts of it. I knew I wanted horticulture as my minor all along, but I was afraid it didn't "fit" with marketing. I chose to switch my sophomore year anyway, and I've only regretted not doing it sooner.