Dr. Vargas talking to a table of students at late night breakfast 

Late Night Breakfast 

Every Monday of finals week, SEMO offers a free late-night breakfast to all of the students. SEMO faculty and staff, including Dr. Vargas, volunteer to serve breakfast food and give encouragement to everyone. It is a great way to take a moment to de-stress with all of your friends over some free food! It is hosted at Towers and the University Center, and they always have a person doing entertainment there. This past semester, they had a comedian! 

Gum stuck on the tree 

The Gum Tree 

You probably know about Cardiac Hill, and you might even have heard of the gum tree, but do you know how they connect? Legend has it that by the time you finally reach the top of cardiac hill, your gum has lost its flavor. So, you stick it on the gum tree. This is one of my favorite things to point out to new and perspective students! 

Student sleding down hill on sled 

Sledding Down Parker Hill 

There’s no denying SEMO’s campus is full of hills. The only time I enjoy these hills is when it snows. Everyone finds anything they can use as a sled- trash bags, tote lids, air mattresses, yard signs, literally anything they can find. They sled down Parker hill with it, and the daring ones even try Cardiac hill. It’s so much fun to see everyone outside and having fun in the middle of a cold winter.  

Many students with glow sticks dancing 

Move-In Bash 

The move in bash is the first event that happens in the fall semester. It takes place between Academic Hall and Kent Library. There is always free food and activities that take place. I always make a point to go see all my friends!  

Students serving themselves food at the welcome back picnic 

Welcome Back Picnic 

The Welcome Back Picnic is everything a college student could want, like free stuff. There are SO many free things given away at this event. There’s even free food there to enjoy after collecting everything you want. You realistically don’t even need to bring pens to SEMO with the amount you could get for free at this event.  

Students in front of bowling alley lanes 

Off-site SAC Events 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE campus. But sometimes, it’s fun to get out and do something different! Each year, Student Activities Council, or SAC plans things off campus that are free for any student to go to. They even provide transportation by shuttle! My personal favorites have been going to an escape room and bowling. 

Coraline themed float with gum tree on top 

Homecoming Parade 

SEMO is BIG on homecoming. My favorite part of the whole day is the homecoming parade. I am a part of Greek life, which means we start on the floats in September to present them at the end of October. The appearance of the floats is a secret to everyone besides the people working on them, so it is exciting to finally see what everyone has been working on! A lot of alumni travel to attend the parade, so you can also see some old friends that have graduated there! 

Three parents signing the inside of academic dome 

Signing the Dome 

Did you know you can go inside the Academic Dome? You can! And you should! The inside of the dome is covered in chalk with people’s names. I have been up there a few times, and I always make sure to take a photo when I am. 

Group of students in downtown Cape Girardeau 

Camp Redhawk 

Camp Redhawk has so much fun packed into a few days. It is your first opportunity to meet other students and make lasting friendships.  It also allows you to get acclimated to SEMO’s campus and Cape Girardeau. My favorite part of this was doing the challenge ropes course! This picture is me with my group when I attended. 


This are just some of the things I look forward to every year at SEMO. To see more events and traditions, you can go here: Campus Life.