High Ropes Course

A selfie of Mahala on top of a tower at the high ropes course
Mahala, Biology: Wildlife/Conservation

Student Rec Center

A selfie of  Chelsea & Emily making peace signs in a mirror at the Rec Center
Student Rec Center / Chelsea & Emily, Nursing

Kent Library

A selfie of  Jada in front of the William Faulkner mural in Kent Library
Kent Library / Jada, Hospitality Management

Redhawks Athletics Events

A selfie of Skylar, Nicole, and Bethany in the bleachers at a game.
Redhawks Athletics Events / Skyler, Economics & Nicole, Accounting & Bethany, Elementary Education

River Campus

A selfie of a group of students from the Towers North 8th Floor in front of the bridge of River Campus
River Campus / Towers North 8th Floor

University Center Balcony 

A selfie of Zac on the balcony at the UC with Academic Hall in the background
University Center Balcony / Zac, Grad Student in Management

Wehking Alumni Center Lawn

Caity on Michelle's back posing in front of the Wehking Alumni Center.
Wehking Alumni Center Lawn / Michelle, Health Communication & Caity, Nursing