Cape Rock

  • I would say that Cape Rock offers the best view for watching the night sky over the Mississippi River, while also being immersed in nature. You can sit in your car and watch the night sky or get up and sit at the bench at the very top of Cape Rock. It is definitely worth the view!

River Campus

  • River Campus is another spot on the Mississippi River that would be perfect for watching the night sky. You may not have as good of luck actually seeing the stars from this spot, but it’s still a beautiful location! Bring a blanket and some friends, lay out on the grass and enjoy the view!


  • If you’re wanting to lay on the grass and watch the stars but you’re not really an outdoors/nature person, the IM fields is the perfect spot for you! You can bring a blanket and lay on the turf and watch the beautiful night sky this Space Week! The IM fields are also the closest spot to the main campus for watching the night sky.

Country Roads

  • If you’re wanting a little adventure to go with your stargazing, I would recommend checking out the country roads on the Illinois side of the river. These would be the perfect spot for viewing the night sky while also finding new places to explore!