At Southeast Missouri State University, you belong to a dynamic family. With families come traditions, and SEMO has plenty for you to take part in.

For decades, SEMO students have been able to take part in traditions and help create new ones along the way. Here are some campus favorites:


Cardiac Hill & The Gum Tree

Nothing says Southeast Missouri like the hilly campus on which SEMO is built. Our most famous hill is none other than Cardiac Hill. Located right behind Towers, students have been hiking up this hill as a shortcut to classes (and even sledding down it in the winter), or just to take part in the tradition. When you’ve reached the top, you can stick your gum to the Gum Tree. Before gum was allowed in classrooms, students stuck their gum to the tree atop Cardiac Hill on their way to class, and the tradition has lasted ever since.


Ice Cream Pig Out

Prior to starting a new school year, SEMO students and faculty alike feast on all-you-can-eat ice cream. Since this is held during SEMO’s opening week events, it’s a great way to make new friends before classes even begin.


Family Weekend

This beloved tradition is a time for the friends and family of SEMO students to visit campus, tour the facilities, explore Cape Girardeau, cheer on some Redhawk football, and see their Redhawk, of course!


Late Night Breakfast

SEMO students are hard workers, so we like to reward them during finals week with a favorite event, Late Night Breakfast. Southeast’s Administrative Council serves breakfast in the University Center and Towers Café at 10 p.m. to give students a study break.


Carpe Diem

Southeast Missouri State University is fortunate to be home to a dynamic and diverse student body. To celebrate this, we hold our annual Carpe Diem event. Held each fall, participants and attendees get to interact with one another as they explore different languages, food, dance, and fashion from over 65 different countries.


Signing the Dome

To Southeast students and alumni, the dome of Academic Hall is iconic. As a tradition, students and alumni are encouraged to visit the dome and sign their names alongside all the Redhawks who have come before them.

Our campus traditions are truly special, and we’re proud to have a student body who enjoys these just as much as we do. Explore more SEMO traditions!