Are you ready to apply to college? You're going to want to check out these tips from an Admission Counselor!

  1. Apply early! It’s okay if you don’t know where you want to go, but don’t miss any early scholarship deadlines.
  2. Look at different sized schools: small, medium, and large universities. It will help you determine what class sizes you can handle and what opportunities are available at each.
  3. Just because your friend likes a school does not mean you will like that school. Do your research and keep your own values and preferences in mind.
  4. In the same vein, this is ultimately your decision. It’s important to take your family’s opinions and guidance into consideration, but if you have a gut feeling you are meant to do something different, your gut is usually right.
  5. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to major in. Most students switch their major, so start by figuring out what you don’t want to do.
  6. Start visiting schools before your senior year. By visiting a campus, you can figure out pretty quick if it seems like a good fit.
  7. The old saying is, “C’s get degrees,” but the reality is A’s get scholarships. Focus on your grades early in high school. Colleges will start looking at transcripts after your junior year, and if you have a rough start to your high school career, it’s harder to raise your GPA later.
  8. Be realistic. There are so many factors that go into choosing the right college, but make sure to consider the distance from home, cost, type of town/city the school is in and variety of majors.
  9. Get to know your admission counselor. We’re an easy resource to answer the confusing questions about college, and we’re all happy to help you through this process.
  10. It’s okay to be nervous about going to college. All new students are in the same boat and trying to meet new people. Just make sure to join an organization, meet someone in your class or get to know your Resident Assistant. They will all be good resources in getting connected on campus.