One of the most respected and fulfilling career paths is nursing and Southeast has a large department of nursing. It is one of our largest and most competitive departments at the University.


One of our most popular nursing programs is the Bachelor of Science Program in nursing. It is a four-year program for students who seek to become a registered nurse, or those who already are a registered nurse and have an associates degree in nursing. While nursing is a versatile field with different types of nursing programs, we believe every nurse would benefit from earning their B.S. in nursing.

Here’s why: 

  1. Expanding Knowledge - The baccalaureate nursing curriculum is designed to expand a student’s critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills. Ehe entry level baccalaureate skills are necessary to function in any area of nursing practice. With a more enriching education, you’ll be able to bring more to the table in the evolving healthcare field. 
  2. Developing Technical Skills - Another large part of the Bachelor of Science degree is learning technical skills that will not only help you in your career, but in your everyday life.
  3. Becoming More Marketable - As the healthcare field continues to grow, more employers in the field prefer nurses that have a bachelor’s degree in nursing over RN’s with just an associate degree. The good news is many nurses who already have their R.N. can go on to get their B.S. online.
  4. More Employment Opportunities - Nurses with a B.S. have a much easier time finding jobs besides bedside care and opportunities for non-hospital jobs in the future.
  5. Higher Income Potential - Today, nurses who earn their BSN make 10% more on average than those who only have an associate degree. 
  6. Personal Enrichment - Earning a B.S. in nursing is a lot of work, and when you finally hold the degree in your hand, it feels great! To stick with the program despite all the challenges will teach you valuable life skills about resilience and it will only make you a stronger and more capable person in the future.

unnamed-33.pngSo, if you are going into nursing, get your B.S. because it will be worth it!