How to be professional on social media – what you should and shouldn't do.

Social media - we can’t live with it and can’t live without it. It has become a thread in the fabric of our lives. The many social media platforms serve as a way for us to keep in touch and stay connected with loved ones. For some people, it is the first and last thing they do when waking up and before going to sleep.

When preparing to begin a professional career, your image on social media says a lot about who you are to potential employers. Don’t think they aren’t searching your name online. They are. Conduct an online search of yourself to learn what can be found out about you. Use different search engines and clear your caches and cookies before searching.


You should…

  • Guard your reputation. Create separate accounts for personal and professional contacts.
  • Use the same professional profile picture and cover photo on all platforms.
  • Update your bio on all platforms.
  • Monitor your privacy. Learn about the privacy settings on the various platforms you use and set them accordingly. Un-tag yourself if you show up in an inappropriate post from other people.
  • Check your language. Use proper spelling and grammar. Edit your comments and posts before clicking ‘share.’
  • Create your own content. Don’t just share or re-tweet others’ posts. Create your own engaging content. Post about topics that interest you.
  • Stay active, but not too active. A post every few days or weeks is normal.
  • Be yourself!

You should not…

  • Complain about current or past employers.
  • Post inappropriate images.
  • Use inappropriate language.
  • Vocalize opinions seen as widely controversial.

Taking these steps will help ensure you can begin a successful, professional career!