Easy Outdoor Plants

Since Missouri weather can be a little unpredictable, it’s important to know what type of plants will do well in our wishy-washy climate.

A bed of red and yellow blanket flowersBlanket Flower
If you love butterflies, the blanket flower is the perfect plant for you. These beautiful flowers thrive in direct sunlight.

A single, orange daylilyDaylily
As their name states, a daylily’s bloom lasts just a day but that one day makes it all worth it. Even better, these plants are nearly impossible to kill as they can tolerate drought and even a little shade.

A field of red poppies Poppy
Poppies come in all sorts of colors, perfect for decorating your garden. Just give these plants a sunny location and a nice drink during dry spells, and you’ll have the most colorful garden in town.

A large pot of Hosta, an ivy like bush with green leavesHosta
These plants can thrive in dry shade, which is perfect for those looking for a less high-maintenance garden.

A bed of light yellow and purple yarrow flowers. Yarrow
These gorgeous yellow plants are admired by us humans, but typically ignored by foraging rabbits and deer. Yarrows can also withstand Missouri’s summer heat and dry spells.

A filed of purple allium flowersAllium
Perfect for beginners looking to start their own garden, allium is one of the easiest bulbs to grow.

Easy Indoor Plants

The best way to make your dorm room a little more homey is to fill it with plants.

Lucky bamboo grown into a knot pattern against a black background.Lucky Bamboo
Seemingly the perfect plant for a college student, these plants grow in water and can thrive in bright to low light. Maybe it’ll even bring you some luck on your exams, too!

A group of white Hoya with purple centersHoya
If you’re new to taking care of plants, hoyas might be perfect for you. These plants can withstand a little neglect and thrive in bright indirect light.

An assortment of succulents in purple, green, and mint colors.Succulent
Probably the most popular plant for college students, succulents are pretty hard to kill. Just keep your succulent on your windowsill and water whenever the soil is fully dry.

Pots full of snake plant grassSnake Plant
Classified as the ultimate low-maintenance plant, snake plants come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so pick up a few different kinds and spruce up your dorm room.

A pot of pothos sitting on a wood floorPothos
If you’re wanting to see some progress on your plant and show off their beautiful foliage, pothos is the plant for you. Keep these plants in bright to low light and water once the top inch of soil feels dry.

A large planter with two aloe plants insideAloe Vera
This might be a term that you’re familiar with in your beauty products, but you can also grow your own aloe vera! These plants are easy to grow and take care of, just keep them in medium to direct light and water once the soil is fully dry. You can also actually use your aloe to help treat any burns and scrapes you get.

A money tree in a white pot.Money Tree
If only these plants actually did grow money. These plants are pretty low-maintenance, especially for us over-waterers.