It's important to have goals while in college and there's no better way to display your aspirations than a vision board.


1.)  Choose your goals

Start off by setting your goals.  What do you want to accomplish this year?  What about in the next few years?  A vision board can be a mix of short term goals, like getting good grades, that help you accomplish long term goals, like graduating.  The board is also a good place to put inspiration to help keep you motivated.

2.)  Pick your board

You can use a variety of bases for your vision board:  cork boards, dry erase boards, poster boards.  Basically anything flat and hang-able with the word “board” in it will work just fine.  

3.)  Gather materials

You’ll need some basics like glue, tape, and push pins for building the board.  When it comes to decorating the board, the sky is the limit. You can print off motivational quotes, family pictures, or symbols to represent goals and inspiration.  

The example board has a clock to represent turning in assignments ahead of time, a picture of a scale to remind the creator to balance work and home life, and a printout of the last semester’s good grades to inspire them to work hard again this semester.  

4.)  Put it all together

This step is pretty straight forward, take all the material you’ve gathered for the board and go wild.  A good idea is to secure long term goals that likely won’t changed with tape or glue, but secure short term or changeable items with push pins.  

In the example board, the report card printout and the picture of the creator’s child are secured with pushpins so they can be updated over time with the next semester’s grades or a newer picture.  It also has blank space to add new goals or inspiration.

5.)  Hang it up in a place where you see it everyday

This is one of the most important steps!  The vision board won’t be effective if you throw it in the back of the closest, never to see the light of day again.  Hang it up in a place you’ll see it often to remind you of your goals.