Stay organized

If the idea of doing any more schoolwork is driving you crazy, just try to remember that (unless you're going to graduate school) these next few months are all you have left. You've been doing school since you were 6 years old, you can totally handle these last couple months! If you're starting to feel overwhelmed with the amount of schoolwork you have, try and break it down to make it more manageable. Designate one day of the week to focus on one specific class so that you're not getting burnt out.

Take your classes seriously

It's important to not take your classes any less seriously just because this is your last semester. You still need to give your classes the same attention and dedication as you did your first semester freshman year. Stay motivated by keeping yourself organized or study with some of the friends you have made in your major to make your last semester a little more fun.

Take it one step at a time

Now if it’s not school that is giving you Senioritis but the idea of applying to after-graduation jobs, that is totally understandable! The idea of leaving school, something you have done for the majority of your life, to find a job in the field you're interested in is pretty terrifying. But don't let yourself get overwhelmed with anxiety and fear. Think of it like how you do your homework. You don't do all of your semester’s assignments in one weekend. You have got to take it one step at a time. So this week make one goal that is towards your after-graduation plans, next week make another goal that is a tiny step closer and continue. Start by looking over your resume (or take it to Career Services) and think of the kind of job you want to apply for and what all the requirements are for that.

Stay Optimistic

This is also your last semester in college so enjoy it! Don't let your Senioritis get in your way, embrace your last semester of college and make it memorable. Do things that remind you of your freshman year. Whether that’s eating lunch on campus or doing your homework at Kent Library. Spend these last remaining months reinforcing the connections you've made over the past four years. And don't spend time comparing yourself to those around you, you're all on your own path.

No matter what, you'll get past this Senioritis, and we can't wait to see all that you do.

-Micalli Muschinske