It may sound easier than it actually is... here are some things to remember when you need to ask for help.


Be Clear

Be clear about what you need from someone. Saying “I’m so overwhelmed with this project, can you help me out?” leaves a lot of room for interpretation and confusion. Saying “I have more than I can handle for this project, could you help me by finding the last resource we need?” or “I’m getting behind on schoolwork, could you make dinner tonight, so I can have more time to study?” gives the person you’re asking a specific way they can help.

Don’t Apologize

Everyone needs support from time to time! There’s no reason to apologize when asking for help. Apologizing and underplaying the seriousness of your situation can make the person wonder why you’re even asking for help and honestly prolong what could have been a straightforward request. Think about if a friend or coworker asked you for help, would you expect them to apologize after every sentence? Showing gratitude for their assistance means more than apologizing for needing help.

Follow up

Speaking of showing gratitude, make sure to follow up with the person who helped you. Share with them what their work did and how it impacted you. Saying something as simple as “Thank you for making dinner, that extra time really helped me catch up on work. I feel less stressed about what I need to get done this week,” lets the person know they made a difference for you. You can also remind them if they need support, you’ll gladly take on what you can to help.