"I particularly enjoyed learning with Dr. Asa Wilson in BA 681 - Healthcare Administration Policy and interacting with him during my assignments. I found his comments to be very interesting and encouraging. Also, when I met him, I was touched by his kindness and sense of humor."

Dr. Purva GuptaDr. Purva Gupta

Dr. Wilson and Dr. Gupta pose with several other SEMO employees and faculty.

Dr. Nicholls and Dr. Yvonne played instrumental roles as her mentors as well. She says Nicholls, Yvonne, and Chelsea McNeely with Southeast Online supported her through the admissions process and into her university experience to make sure her questions were always answered and her transition to SEMO was smooth. She expressed how grateful she is that they put together a graduation celebration for her during a visit from the United Arab Emirates. She says her family will treasure the memories they were able to make on SEMO's campus.

Dr. Gupta says though she wasn't able to take part in internships and campus placements, she knows the knowledge she has from her time at SEMO will be an important foundation for her career in healthcare. She says her interaction with colleagues during electives, even in the virtual space, became a vital part of her learning.

In my current work as a Cosmetic Physician in Dubai, for the last seven years, I have felt that SEMO boosted my expertise.

Dr. Purva Gupta, Southeast Online Graduate

Insights from Dr. Nicholls, Director of Graduate Business Programs:

Dr. Nicholls emphasized the excellence of SEMO's online programs in supporting distance learners. With a structure designed for accessibility, online courses allow students to engage with learning materials on their own time. The commitment to equal learning experiences for online and on-campus students is evident in SEMO's data-driven approach and faculty's continuous education initiatives.

Expressing enthusiasm for online teaching, Dr. Nicholls underscored the importance of making education accessible to diverse individuals, from working professionals to parents and students with specific needs.

Dr. Purva Gupta's success story, and the insights from Dr. Nicholls, shows SEMO's commitment to providing quality education across various delivery modes. As the world embraces diverse learning requirements, Southeast Online will continue to strive for excellence and flexibility.