Are you dreading the application process for scholarships? No worries! When you apply to SEMO, we’ll do a lot of the work for you.


There’s no need to complete multiple applications or unnecessary paperwork. Southeast awards more than $24 million in scholarships each year. When you apply to Southeast, we review your application for most of our scholarships automatically, and award Academic scholarships at the time of admission.

We truly want to make the process as simple as possible for you, so we have created a simple and straightforward scholarship process!

Did you know that Southeast is a test-optional school?

Meaning you don’t need an ACT/SAT score to be admitted or to receive scholarships! In fact, we’ve expanded the amount of aid you’re eligible for without a test score. So whether standardized tests give you anxiety or you’re just having challenges taking the test this year, it won’t impact your scholarship opportunities.

Took the ACT/SAT but aren’t sure if your scores are high enough?

If you took the ACT or SAT more than once, we will combine your best subscores when considering you for Southeast scholarships.

Can I accept more than one scholarship?

Most scholarships that we offer can be stacked and added together for a larger award. Plus, your need-based aid won’t reduce your scholarship value.  

It is our goal to see you succeed, we want to make the scholarship process as stress free for you as possible!