Introducing yourself to a potential employer at an event like SEMO’s Career Expo doesn’t have to be intimidating. Use these tips for crafting your quick, personal selling statement ahead of time.

A student talking with a potential employer at a Career Expo.
1. Who you are, plus a credential. Your name and something that differentiates you from your peers (major, athlete, veteran).

2. Your specific goal/career interest.

3. Demonstrate your interest in the field using specific examples.

4. Why you are qualified. Demonstrate qualifications by sharing leadership and work experience, skills, strengths.

5. A question or request for assistance.

Use this template as a guide for crafting your elevator pitch:

  1. Hello, my name is __________ and I’m completing a degree in __________.
  2. I’m interested in a career (or position) in the __________ industry.
  3.  I have been involved in __________. *
  4. I have developed skills in __________. I also had an internship/employment with __________ and discovered that I really enjoy __________.
  5.  Could you tell me more about __________?

 *Fill with relevant involvement you’ve had during college. 

Tips brought to you by the Office of Career Services at Southeast Missouri State University.