It's something we all deal with from time to time. It's never fun... but take it from us, you will get through it! We put together some advice for when things become a little overwhelming!


Assess the Stress

Finding the root cause of your stress is the first step in relieving it. Taking a moment to assess why you’re feeling overwhelmed helps put things into perspective. Maybe you’ll realize all your stressors are temporary and can find comfort in knowing it will soon be over, or maybe you’ll realize you were stressed about something you can easily address. 


Keep a Stress Journal

This may sound strange, but if you’re having trouble figuring out why you’re stressed, try a stress journal! Whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed write it down in the journal along with when it happened, what you were doing, who you were with, and how stressed you were. You’ll start to notice a pattern of what situations stress you the most and can address those main stressors.



Sleep solves a lot of problems! Balancing work, school, and home life can make getting a full night’s rest hard, but it’s important you make time for it. Sleeping helps with problem solving, learning capability and your overall mental health. The overwhelming challenge you’re facing will probably look less world ending after sleeping.


Get Moving

Whether it’s a full on workout or just going for a walk, physical activity can help reduce stress. If you’re really crunched for time, follow one of the hundreds 5-10 minute workouts available on YouTube. Even that short break can help burn off some of your anxious energy and help get you refocused.


Talk to Someone

Venting to someone can be a great stress reliever. Talking it out gives you the opportunity to explain how stressed you are and why, which can help you figure out how to move forward. Whoever you talk to may have dealt with similar stressors and be able to offer advice or just some needed perspective. 


Have a Snack and Water

This one sounds like a joke, but being hungry and dehydrated can make you irritable and more prone to stress! Taking a minute to drink a glass of water and eat a snack can make a world of difference in how you’re approaching a stressful situation. Any snack will do, although avoiding snacks with high amounts of caffeine or added sugar will prevent a potential energy crash later in the day.