Starbucks says it offers more than 80,000 drink combinations. Caff/decaff. Low fat/non fat/all the fats. 2%/skim/almond/coconut! Why? Because we all want our coffees the way we want them.


Tell you a secret? We all prefer everything the way we want it. So, why should college degrees be any different? It’s the ticket to our futures, so getting to make sure we get the program how we want it only makes a certain amount of sense. Here’s the good news: at Southeast, there are options to customize a major more tailored to your interests.

One option are programs that offer you an area of emphasis. For example, an agribusiness degree has six options where you can specialize in anything from horticulture to communications. Going into media? Choose an emphasis in anything from journalism to advertising. Options mean you get a major with a good foundation of the subject that’s still tailored to a specific area. And we have lots of degree programs with areas of emphasis at Southeast.

Another way to customize your major? Select classes that complement your major. Majoring in art? Perhaps classes in commercial photography keep coursework in an area you’re interested in while giving you additional marketable skills. Business major? Perhaps classes in corporate communication can round out your abilities.

And, the most customizable of the customizable options? An Interdisciplinary studies degree. You’ll create your own academic program by choosing courses in more than one academic area to prepare for a job market that requires skills and knowledge from more than a single traditional academic discipline. Students interested in pharmaceuticals might create an interdisciplinary major with selected courses in marketing, psychology, and biology. P.S., Interdisciplinary Studies is often the major of choice for pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-law and other pre-professional students.

Your degree is designed to prepare you for an extraordinary career, you may as well make sure it’s setting you on a path for the specific area you want to pursue.