Choosing a college can be a stressful decision in a “normal” year. But what about having to select a college in the middle of a worldwide pandemic? It can be daunting, of course!

COVID has created an unsettling environment where things are distractingly different, and our world is changing fast. But don’t worry, we have compiled a list of advice to consider in your search!


Use technology to connect and explore

Technology has granted us some benefits in the middle of this pandemic. Using technology is not new to you, but colleges are working to use technology to your advantage. Many schools, including SEMO, are offering virtual tours of their campus. You can also dig in deeper by scheduling a video call with an admissions counselor. And, don’t forget to follow schools on social media to see what’s happening on campus.

Consider selecting a school closer to home

Due to social distancing and travel restrictions, it is possible students may have difficulty moving to a distant college or easily returning home on breaks. Selecting a school closer to home can be less troublesome and more comfortable. The great thing about Southeast Missouri State University it’s less than two hours to drive from St. Louis. Those universities closer to home are also a safer bet when on-campus visits are disrupted because you already have a good sense of the area.

Look for a college with a proven track record of quality outcomes - affordability

With the current state of the economy, it is important you have the maximum ability to get hired after graduating from college. Look for a school with good scholarship opportunities, low tuition rates, and one with a high percentage of individuals who find employment opportunities within six months of graduating. Southeast offers high quality education at an affordable rate, and our scholarships are test-optional, straightforward, and stackable so you can apply for more than one! Plus, our student outcomes rate? 97% of our students are employed or further their education within six months of graduating.

Choose a university with strong student support

During these times of uncertainty, it is important that we seek extra support. Whether that means more personalized instruction from a professor, working through financial aid questions, or getting help from tutorers, counselors, or advisers. Smaller campuses are traditionally easier to navigate and students tend to find a closer culture of personal connections between themselves and their faculty. SEMO offers tons of free student support services such as counseling, wellness, academic support, tutoring, and much more!

Your attitude will make all the difference!

Once you have made your college choice, you have the power to arrive on campus with a great attitude and make your college experience your perfect fit. Find a way to get involved, even while social distancing and wearing face coverings. Embrace your studies and look for methods to meet with fellow students. Take time for yourself and find ways to have fun! Your college experience is what you make of it, and you only get one shot!

Remember, you are not alone

Heading to college can cause anxiety in a normal setting but having to select a school during COVID-19 can generate a whole list of new questions. College campuses are designed and built to be a community – a close-knit, tight community – so COVID has certainly presented its challenges. We know that finding some normalcy is imperative so at Southeast Missouri State University, we are focused on providing a safe, comfortable, and engaging college experience for you… even during the pandemic.