When it comes to deciding on what to have for dinner, options are great, but sometimes overwhelming! We’ve created the ultimate dining list for you and even shared a couple of recommendations.


on-Campus Dining

If you have a meal plan, it’s important that you use your meal swipes each week. Otherwise, you’re simply paying for a service you’re not using, as well as paying for food from other sources. Thankfully, Southeast Missouri State University has many dining options from which you can choose.

If you’re unsure about what you want to eat, it’s best to visit Towers Café. From homestyle cooking to fresh-off-the-grill eats to pizza and so much more, you’ll easily be able to satisfy even the most elusive cravings. Plus, it’s all-you-can-eat for just one meal swipe!  

Craving off-campus dining options but can’t leave? Visit Redhawks Market in the University Center. From here you can enjoy Mexican-American options, classic BBQ fare, delicious burgers, and fresh salads. And the best part? Most of the on-campus dining halls offer combo options for the cost of one meal swipe.

Chain Dining

Cape Girardeau has plenty of chain restaurants and fast-food options, many located just minutes from campus. While you might tend to stick to your favorites, it’s important to try new restaurants as well! Perhaps you’ll even discover a new favorite. 

A classic, college student hotspot is Taco Bell. In fact, Taco Bell is so popular that Cape Girardeau has two locations (Kingshighway and William Street). With favorites such as quesadillas, burritos, nachos, and tacos (obviously), you can quickly find a great bite to eat. There’s even a deals menu to keep you well-fed at an affordable price. For a healthier option that is equally popular, swing by Panera Bread on Kingshighway. 

Bonus! With your Redhawks ID, you can get a student discount at many restaurants around town.

Local Dining

After being on campus for a couple of weeks, it’s likely that you’ve heard some buzz about the beloved eateries of your fellow Redhawks. While there are multiple local dining options that are worth your time, there are a couple that stand out as being the most popular.

A favorite spot of the SEMO community is none other than Burritoville, located on Broadway. This Mexican-American restaurant stays busy with orders for their classic and signature dishes, including burritos, quesadillas, and dirty fries (fries topped with mozzarella cheese, fresh queso, and a meat of your choice—yum!). With generous portions and low prices, this spot can quickly become a favorite. They also have a lot of vegetarian options!

Craving Chinese food? Look no further than Rice Noodle Cai. This small but mighty shack serves up some of the best Chinese dishes in town. With all of your favorites and quick service, you’ll be enjoying an excellent meal within minutes, and you’re almost guaranteed to do so at no more than $10.

Trying out new restaurants is a great way to spend time with friends and become acquainted with a new area. Wherever you choose to eat, try to switch it up every now and then because there are so many options out there!