Ever since Thanksgiving was declared a holiday by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, there has been one single debate that occurs every year. What is the best Thanksgiving food?

If you were to ask me, I would say green bean casserole, but unfortunately, many people do not agree with me. When thinking about what the best Thanksgiving food is, I decided to let the people choose the answer.

So, what was the best Thanksgiving food of all time could be according to the people I surveyed. Is it the Thanksgiving staple, turkey? No. Is it the numerous desserts? Think again. The best Thanksgiving food is stuffing! Stuffing is a delicious combination of bread, eggs, celery, onions, fresh herbs, butter, and broth. When combined and baked, it becomes this warm flavorful dish that can make anyone's mouth water. Usually stuffing is a side dish at Thanksgiving, but it can also be made at other times too.

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    Rolls, Green Bean Cassorole, Ham, and Apple Pie

A casserole dish of stuffing pictured from above.

Stuffing is believed to be created in the first century of the Roman Empire. Some records show recipes from this time detailing a dish very similar to our common day stuffing. As far as stuffing being a Thanksgiving staple, there are written records of stuffing being eaten at Thanksgiving as far back as 1836. Stuffing used to be made by stuffing it inside Turkey and cooking it. Once the turkey was done cooking, the stuffing was removed and served as a side dish. This trend changed in the 1970s when the mass production of stovetop stuffing came to be. Now we commonly see stuffing made in a casserole dish and not stuffed inside of the Thanksgiving turkey.

This dish might be your favorite Thanksgiving food because of the memories you associate with it, or simply because your grandma makes the best. Even if stuffing is not your favorite, there are plenty of other dishes that are all amazing, just maybe not as amazing as stuffing. No matter what your favorite Thanksgiving food is, let's not forget the real reason for Thanksgiving is being thankful for the numerous things we enjoy and for the people that we love.