Sure, it seems like senior year just started and you have plenty of time to apply to college. But, don’t wait! There are SO many benefits of applying early. Check it out:


1.)    Get your application in so you can enjoy senior year. Once you apply, you can relax and enjoy your last year of high school! Why wait and have application deadlines looming over you? Bonus: Southeast Missouri State’s application process is pretty easy. We don’t require an essay, we’re test optional, and there’s no application fee! 

2.)    Get your financial aid offer sooner. You’re probably already thinking about paying for college, so getting that financial aid offer can really make a big impact on your college decision making process. You’ll need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which opens on October 1. Once we have that on file, we can work on your financial aid offer. The sooner the better!

3.)    You’ll have more time to make your final decision. We get it. You’ll likely apply to more than one school. By applying early, you’ll get your acceptance letters sooner and, in turn, have more time to make your final decision. Part of the decision making process may be planning another visit to campus or getting a chance to look at all of your scholarship and aid offers to see which school fits you best. More time is always a good thing!

4.)    Your parents and your high school counselor will appreciate it. Okay, so maybe that’s not the greatest reason to apply early, but it’s a benefit for sure! You won’t have the adults in your life who care about you constantly asking you if you’ve applied yet if you just go ahead and submit them early.

5.)    Some schools offer incentives for early applications. Here at Southeast, we offer a chance to win free textbook rental for a year by applying early. Talk about a deal!

So, what are you waiting for? Apply to Southeast today so you can enjoy all of those benefits!