If you’re preparing for college, then you might be considering taking AP classes. While this can seem intimidating, there are many benefits to taking these courses.

Prepare for College
The intensity of college course work is different from high school, and it can be a challenging shift. AP classes often mirror a similar intensity, which would better prepare you for college classes when the time comes. These classes require strong time management skills, frequent studying, critical thinking, and more, all of which you’ll find in your college classes. Being ahead of the game will make your college transition that much easier.

Strengthen GPA
Some high schools have weighted GPAs, so taking an AP class (and doing well in it!) can boost your GPA. If you’re trying to raise your GPA before graduation, taking an AP class could be exactly what you need. Higher GPAs can lead to bigger scholarships as well!

Build Transcripts
If higher grades and college readiness haven’t convinced you, consider that AP classes look great on your transcripts. When an admission counselor sees those classes, they’re seeing that you’re ready for college and willing to put in hard work to earn your degree. Plus, some AP classes count for college credit, which could push you further ahead and help you graduate sooner.