One of the most unique and creative academic fields at Southeast is the Department of Mass Media.


Here students can prepare for careers in the media industry such as advertising, multimedia journalism, public relations, television, and film. No matter which part of the field they specialize in, each student will interact with qualified veterans in a small class environment. 

The academics offered in the department include a B.S. in Mass Communications or a minor. To be admitted into the program, students need a minimum 2.5 GPA. The Department of Mass Media is one of the largest in Southeast's campus and is one of 119 programs nationwide that is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC), the agency responsible for the evaluation of professional journalism and mass communications programs in colleges and universities which is measured against national standards every 5 years. This shows that the program is of high quality which is excellent for students going into the field. Whatever your area of interest is, the department offers several opportunities for fun, real-world experience in the field.


For students going into advertising, they get to Interact with qualified, veteran advertising professionals in a small class environment, while gaining proficiency in the areas of advertising strategy, research, design, writing, digital and social media, and campaign planning for online, print and broadcast media. They also develop multimedia production skills using industry-standard software. Students interested in advertising also get opportunities for real-world experience working as graphic designers, digital media strategists, marketing sales staff and brand communication managers for Southeast’s award-winning student newspaper, The Arrow. They also have the option to join the student advertising agency known as SE Creative. Other options include career shadowing, mentoring programs and internships in corporate advertising and marketing departments, digital media platforms, advertising agencies, advertising media planning, graphic communication, and media industries.


Students going into journalism have many opportunities as well such as, The Arrow, National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), and Society of Professional Journalists. They also have opportunities for professional publication with local media partners, including the Southeast Missourian newspaper and KRCU 90.0 FM, Southeast’s National Public Radio affiliate. 

Multimedia Journalism majors learn to create dynamic news content and visuals for delivery across multiple media platforms. gain proficiency as writers and producers for online, print and broadcast media and develop production skills using industry-standard software. Obtain real-world experience working for our award-winning student media. Students who graduate from the multimedia journalism program work in publishing and broadcasting industries, as well as in corporate settings.


While advertising and multimedia journalism are both great options, the public relations program is one of about 40 worldwide that have earned Certification in Education in Public Relations (CEPR) from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The students in the department who specialize in public relations have several opportunities such as: networking with industry professionals and other students worldwide through the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), learning to create strategic messages and visuals to build relationships between organizations, and gaining practical experience with real clients through course work and the student-run firm, Riverfront Public Relations. The students will learn the fundamental skills of public relations writing, strategy development, multimedia production, research, and relationship-building. The coursework and real-world experiences prepare students to graduate and work in public relations, communication, and marketing industries.


The students who specialize in television and film also have several opportunities for experience in their field. These opportunities include the chance to produce news that will be broadcast on the local CBS and FOX affiliates in the 81st DMA, writing screenplays and several internship and career opportunities in AT&T, ESPN, MEC, and Red-Letter Communications, Inc. Not only do the students get the chance for these life-changing opportunities, but their courses and Southeast’s traditions in the department also give many students the chance to shine.

Throughout the year, Television & Film majors learn to write, shoot, and edit news and informational public affairs programming. They also get to create short films that can be entered into Southeast’s Fault Line Film Festival, direct multi-camera in-studio remote productions, direct short films, and be active members of the Media Communication Association-International and attend the annual meeting of the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas. All these opportunities will help students gain a better understanding of their field and experience.


Overall, the Department of Mass Media is a versatile program where students get top-notch learning experiences, working experiences, and career opportunities. Mass Media is a fast paced and ever-changing field, but the dedicated facility is always working to prepare their students for it. They understand what it takes to work in the media industry and the students learn to understand it too through their classes and opportunities offered by the department. For any student interested in the Mass Media field, consider Southeast. We are determined to prepare our students for success. With our Mass Media Department, you will be in good hands.