Everyone knows Southeast’s beloved Mascot, Rowdy the Redhawk. He has been a symbol of our university since 2005 and he has been through a lot: an injury, a costume change, and several games.


Through it all, he has lifted our athletes and shown unyielding school spirit! However, not everyone knows what a day in the life of our beloved mascot is like, so we took some time to sit down with our favorite Redhawk to get some insight into what his life is like.

Like the rest of us, Rowdy has a morning routine when he gets out of bed. He brushes his teeth, eats breakfast, puts on his suit, then heads to a game. As our mascot, Rowdy is a key member of all our athletic events and must go to all our games early to prepare. For a football game, Rowdy will show up an hour and a half to two hours before a game. Before every game, Rowdy must do stretches, warmups, and get extra hydration. 


Once the game starts, Rowdy is free to cheer, dance, and interact with fans! According to our beloved Redhawk, the most important thing for a mascot to achieve at any game is, “To create a fun and exciting environment for the fans and keep the energy going! If the mascot isn’t having fun, no one is.” Because of this, Rowdy is always determined to have fun at a game and make sure that everyone else is enjoying themselves.


Rowdy says he adores the Redhawk fans because, “They are as loyal as they come! Redhawk fans have seen some stuff during their days. Like all sports fans, they’ve had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Redhawk fans have a special kind of permanence, and a resilience and loyalty that really keeps me going. I love seeing all the regulars in the fan section. The community really rallies around the sports teams.”


Rowdy loves interacting with the fans, especially at basketball games, but he says that at Football games it was easier to dance because there was more room. He also got opportunities to dance with our dance team “The Sundancers” and the Cheerleaders, both those experiences, he says, are a lot of fun! “The Sundancers work very hard. They are all very talented and incredible. They definitely proved themselves and earned every trophy they got.”


Rowdy also has fun interacting with other mascots! “Normally, there is respect and fun banter between two mascots. There usually is a fraternal experience because we both understand each other. We are there for the same reason.” 

Sometimes Rowdy does multiple sporting events by himself, instead of having two mascots attend separate games, but he always has “an awesome team of people, both bosses and other Rowdy’s.” Rowdy went on to say, “We have a great team of people and multiple costumes so we could have two different mascots go to separate games so that Rowdy could be in two places at once.”


When I asked Rowdy what his favorite thing was about the Redhawk fans, he said, “The stick-to-it-ness of the people here and the kindness and generosity. There were a lot of times when I could have been in dangerous situations and disrespected, but people were really kind, gentle, and understanding. They were also very forgiving of the athletes, not expecting them to do everything perfectly. I always admired the people here in Cape and the fans who traveled down here for how much they love and care about the athletes.”


While Rowdy is energized and full of joy during games, he always has something to do after. “After the games, I enjoy getting to mingle with the players and making sure they know I am proud of them!”