A tour group of students wearing red entering the River Campus 

1. What People Are Eating

If you’re going to live on campus, you’re going to eat on campus. Get a feel for the options you’ll have by sneaking a peek at current students’ plates. Is everyone eating the same thing or is there a variety of choices? Can you find more than a few meals that look like things you’d like to eat?

2. What The Classrooms Look Like

You can learn a lot from looking at the places you’ll be learning in. Picture yourself as part of the class in that room. If all the seats are full, will you still be comfortable raising your hand to ask a question in front of all those people? Will you be able to sit close enough to read what’s on your professor’s PowerPoint if you forget your glasses one day?

3. How Far Apart The Buildings Are

One day we’ll be able to teleport to class, but we’re not quite there yet. Is it physically possible to get from your bed to your desk in fifteen minutes on those days when you just want to sleep in? Are there options for avoiding the trek between classes when it’s way too cold to walk? Will you need to bring a bike to campus?  

4. The Surrounding City

Colleges are often a city within a city, but occasionally you’re going to want to wander off campus. Are there nearby places where you can shop? Eat? Hike? Jog? Spend a Friday night? Spend a Sunday afternoon? Are there places to find a job if you’re looking to work while you study?

5. Your Gut

If you’ve already weighed a school’s pros and cons, don’t underestimate your instincts. What kind of vibe do you get from walking around? Does the campus feel like it could be your home away from home for the next four years? Sure, it’s a huge decision to make with your gut alone, but your tour guide should be able to help you any questions your head needs to know, too.

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