Jess Leggett '03 - Orange, CA

Being surrounded by community, having almost instant access to a variety of entertainment and conveniences. The relationships I made in Towers West and North are among some of my most cherished friendships to date. We definitely got up to some hijinks in our time, but everything brought us closer together and I can't imagine a college experience without those adventures!

Sally (Neiswander) Spitzmiller '78 - Murfreesboro, TN

I met my husband Col. Terry Spitzmiller, Retired USAF, our freshman year at a Towers’ dance on March 19, 1976. We have been happily married for 43 years.

Don Steinbrueck '78 - Saint Charles, MO

As an incoming 3rd year student, I was required to live in campus housing my first year at Southeast. Towers complex was centrally located to all of my classes. It offered an exceptional opportunity to meet and become part of the Southeast family. 45 years later, I still have great memories of my time at Southeast Missouri State University.

Debbie DiStefano '92 - Springfield, MA

I guess the best part was being able to be around so many different people at the same time. It wasn’t necessary to go to people's apartments. You can go to someone’s dorm and see them. It was also good to have many options in the cafeteria. One of my favorite memories is realizing that when smoke was billowing out of Dearmont it must be steak night. I also loved having Ms. PAC Man. It’s still my favorite video game!

Judy Schaab Burnham '76 - St. Louis, MO

The best part of living on campus was being able to meet so many different people. From freshman year through graduation, Dearmont A-3 was always the foundation of my SEMO days. The lasting friendships that began on A-3 have remained an important part of my life for over 50 years.

Linda Doyle - '67 - St. Louis, MO

Everything was nearby and within walking distance, plus all my friends lived right there with me. Food was a few steps away, and other than our rooms, we didn’t have to worry about cleaning. There was always something fun going on in the dorm!

Katie McClung '04 - St. Louis, MO

Living with your friends and all the bonding that happened on each floor. I'm still friends with my first roommate from South to this day! I met two of my best friends while being a CA in Towers West. Just being able to walk down a couple of floors and hang out in each other's rooms was so fun. "Bachelor" viewing parties, meet ups for meals, brunch on the weekends... So many good memories!

Virginia Beleck '75 - Columbia, IL

As a freshman it gave you the opportunity to meet people and make new friends.The dining hall only provided one meal on Sunday.One caveat was that you had to get dressed up It was always interesting to see the long line of students, right at the end of the serving time, to arrive in their Sunday best after the usual Saturday night partying.Wrinkled clothes and basically not really feeling up to getting out of bed BUT you couldn't pass up the steak and baked potato! Sharing friendship

Dennis Bohnert '85 - Perryville, MO

Building friendships with the fellow students on your dorm floor. From just hanging out, to having meals together, going to games, intermural sports etc.. We also had the basketball team on our floor and that was nice to get to know them.

Cheryl Wingbermuehle Wilcutt '87 - Kirkwood, MO

The friends I made living in the dorm, a sense of freedom, but not really. There were always things going on and people to do them with. Truly made you feel like you were a part of a big family.

Cecil Neudigate Mossotti '61 - Santa Clara, CA

My first 3 years I lived on West End Blvd with the wonderful Scott family and 5 roommates and moved into Dearmont my senior year as my beloved roommates had graduated. But having even more roommates and being much closer to my classes and events was, as we said then, COOL. Who wouldn't be happy living on such a gorgeous campus near the Mighty Mississippi.

Marietta Martin '57 - De Soto, MO

I was close for attendance to my classes and housing close to my job as Textbook Librarian at Kent Library. We had fun on our floors and enjoyed the supervision of house mother, Mrs. Mabel Blue.

Sue Trantham Rector '78 - Lake St. Louis, MO

When I was a freshman, my sister Karen was a senior. This really helped me to acclimate to dorm life fast. My roommate was my high school friend Sheri Walker and we lived on a floor with great friends. The Dearmont housing staff made me feel so welcome. There was a spirit of friendship and community, not only on our floor (B1) but throughout the whole dorm of women. I had the great opportunity to become a Dearmont PA (aka RA) my sophomore year! I loved my years at SEMO! Forever Grateful!

Tammy Eifert '90 - Sikeston, MO

Living on campus provided me with a community. I lived and worked on campus. Living on campus helped me participate in activities and attend events that became an integral part of my college experience. Campus life was where I made friends, made memories, and laid the foundation for my future. Would not trade time at Southeast for anything.

Rosemarie Mesnier Berin '93 - St. Louis, MO

I loved RHA. I was involved in it 4 of my 5 years at Southeast. I was NCC and President. I loved all the people I met. Still friends with one of my roommates. I loved being able to represent this School at many other colleges and universities. I loved being close to my classes and enjoyed eating with my friends daily in the cafeteria. I was able to room with my sister and best friend in Dearmont and Myers. It was a great time in my life.

Fred Schaljo '69 - Florissant, MO

It was easy to walk to all my classes. The men in Cheney were a close group of guys. Some of us ate together at Dearmont. Of course, we didn't like to walk to Dearmont in the rain, snow or cold. We were sad when the administration turned Cheney into all women and we men had to find somewhere else to go. The buildings were close together. You could walk to classes in no time. Many of my classes were in Academic Hall. I stayed on campus by joining a fraternity.

Andrea Wojciehowski '12 - Fort Meade, MD

I loved the community in East! Fourth Floor Girls are the best! I also loved the privacy that North offered for a more shill living environment. Overall, the best part of living on campus was the community and the ease of making friends.

Brenda Laiben Pigg '82 - Jefferson Co., MO

Making new friends! Fall of 1973 was the first year females were housed in an all male dorm. There was no rooms available in the traditional female dorms, so 2 floors in South were designated as female living quarters. There were some issues with the elevator because they were not supposed to stop on our floors! It as so much fun!

Mackenzie Todaro '20 - O'fallon, MO

There are so many great things about living on campus! I think one of the best things is the friendships you make while living there! You make friends with roommates/suitemates, floormates, and RA's. You find people who are in your classes and major who you might not have ever talked to before. Some of my lifelong friendships were made in the Towers dorm rooms. Also, you can never go wrong with a good Towers dining hall meal!

Bernard DuBray '69 - Saint Peters, MO

I enjoyed the friendships and dorm life. It was like no other dorm. We were the last year for boys to reside at Cheney. The next year it became a girls dorm because of all the boys going to Vietnam. We all scattered to private homes and apartments for our residence and it just wasn't the same. I loved the old place.

Jennifer McCluskey '94 - St. Louis, MO

Hanging out at Greek Cafeteria was the best part of living on campus - it was the place to make plans for the weekend and see absolutely everyone. It is also the place I got my Tri Delta bid on Bid Day, so that will always hold a very special place in my heart!!!!

Rich Barton '85 - Warrenton, MO

My wife lived in Dearmont and our relationship began at SEMO and we have nothing but great memories of living on campus! Playing football in the snow behind the library, studying in University Hall, basketball games in Houck, picnics in Capaha Park, etc.

Michael Benz '87 - Marthasville, MO

The community we had; each Floor, each Hall & more! Fun activities no matter what time of year! Residence Hall Association & all of the Halls who were active in their own was crucial to life on Campus. Student Activities Council (SAC) and their programming too; Concerts, Shows, etc. was fun! I remember Jay Leno, Bob Hope, Tina Turner, Alabama, John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band all coming to town because of SAC! Bob Hope actually opened the Show-Me-Center & went up on the roof.

Sharon Fox '67 - Valkaria, FL

Better question is "what isn't the best part of living on campus?" I loved the campus life. It was close enough to all the buildings to be an easy walk. I didn't have to cook my own meals. I made really good friends with many of the other ladies there, especially the ladies on my floor. Even though not very big rooms, they were well laid out so there was just enough space & storage for 2 people. I felt safe walking on campus, but maybe not so much around town. I love, love, loved living on campus.

Lee Ferrell '93 - Fairfax, VA

Shared experiences. You will go to class and be with people, work with people, learn and grow with people. So getting to know some of these folks before and after class made the learning experience—the college life experience—that much richer and more fulfilling. Living on campus is like living in a small city and is what adult life is like after college: meeting strangers, aligning interests, and thriving amongst peers. Start adulting early and begin your growth on campus.

Angie Nabe '06 - St. Peters, MO

Meeting my husband. We lived on a co-ed floor and met on move in day. We began dating second semester and have been together for 21 years this month and married for 15 years. We now have five kids one of which we adopted through foster care. I loved living in community with so many people from different backgrounds. We are encouraging our kids to attend SEMO and live on campus one day!

Kyla Frayne '80

It was all Amazing!! Meeting all the people from all over the place and becoming life long friends with them. This time in my life has helped shaped me become who I am! SEMO was and is Awesome!

Jae Allison '16 - St. Louis, MO

I loved living at Myers. We had a smoking bench that all of my friends would gather at. I met soooo many new people there and I always had someone to talk to. I met my best friends there, my ex-husband, and some other amazing people. It was one of the most memorable times of my life. I also loved living so close to everything. Convenience was top-notch! I also felt very safe living there.

Sara Hoeft '99 - St. Louis, MO

Everything you needed was right there. It was nice to not have to walk far to get food or to hang out with friends.

Cathy Sinn Flowers '79 - Berryville, VA

Living with the other girls; not worrying that a guy would be on the floor, so we could let our hair down and just be our goofy selves. I have life-long friendships from those years.

Alix Gasser '10 - Cape Girardeau, MO

I was an RA my senior year living in Dearmont Hall. It was the best place to live as the community there was outstanding! We held Zombie Prom, Haunted Halls, and talent shows. I remember as an RA staff we dressed up and walked over to the women's soccer game to cheer on our team! The sense of community and belonging was unlike any other hall I lived in on campus. Go D-Block!

Denise Backhaus Cole '80 - St. Charles, MO

I loved my time at SEMO. We had a great group of friends that all met in 1976 and stayed best friends the entire time at Cape. We moved off campus but still all stuck together. Many of us are still in touch today. Best times and great fun.

Tim Culbertson '82 - Dallas, TX

Living on campus was the most wonderful experience for me, living 35 miles from home in Sikeston, sure I had my family down there but the friendships and relationships I made with the guys and gals from 77-81 were some of the most lasting and rewarding ones. Thanks to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google I have reunited with many friends, some even live here in Dallas and surrounding areas. Its been 40 years since I left but there are times we have had mini-reunions in Cape and in Dallas as well

Anna Alexander '19 - St. Louis, MO

Living with my friends, meeting new neighbors, and hanging out in the lounges for movie nights or sleepovers!

Mary Beth (Browning) Mucklow '99 - IN

Friends were available at any given moment for games, shenanigans, sponsored activities, study groups, meals and fun!

Leslie Quarles '96 - Fenton, MO

Sitting and chatting with friends in Greek Cafe long after we finished our meal. Sledding down the hill to the band practice field behind Towers on snow days. (We may have used cafeteria trays!) Attending a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the UC. Giving countless campus tours as a Student Ambassador.


Susan Frakes '90 - Portageville, MO

My family has a total of 12 degrees from Southeast. I have my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from SEMO. My husband has his master’s degree; three brothers and my nephew have bachelor’s degrees; my sister and her husband have bachelor’s degrees, and two sisters-in-law have master’s degrees from Southeast Missouri State University.

Andrea Irizarry '96 - St. Charles, MO

My parents attended SEMO in the 60’s with graduations in 1967 (Marilyn Dougherty) and 1968 (Ron Dougherty). I was next to attend SEMO and graduated in 1996. My husband also attended SEMO and graduated in 1997 (Hector Irizarry). Next to attend was my brother who graduated in 1998 (Patrick Dougherty) and my sister-in-law graduated in 1998 (Connie Dougherty). My son attended as the third generation and graduated in 2017.

Jessica Jordan 2012 - New Madrid, MO

My grandfather, Ray Fowler, graduated SEMO in 1959 with degrees in agriculture, biology, and earth science. My father, Gerald Murphy, graduated from SEMO in 1974 with his physical education degree. My mother, Beth Fowler Murphy transferred to SEMO from Mizzou to pursue her physical education degree. I graduated from SEMO in 2012 with my secondary education and Spanish degrees. My sister, Jordan York, graduated in 2015 with her fashion and merchandising degree. We bleed SEMO red!

Sherry Snell Forsee '72 - Kansas City, MO

My brother-in-law Cliff Goetz, a native or Oran MO, graduated from SEMO in 1951 and then went on to graduate from law school at the University of Missouri. I enrolled at SEMO in 1968 due to his experience at SEMO.

Judith Cureton '79 - Cape Girardeau, MO

Mother, aunt, brother, and maternal grandparents went to SEMO. (Some also taught at Normal school.)

Bonnie Ditch Clugston '75 - Altamonte Springs, FL

Father, mother, brother, sister, two uncles, and one aunt all attended or graduated from SEMO.

Michael Bohnert '66 - Perryville, MO

I was the first in my family to attend and each of our four children attended SEMO on their way to getting postgraduate degrees elsewhere.

Dustin Fritsche '99 - Virginia, IL

My grandfather, James T. White, got his bachelor’s and master’s degrees after leaving the Army in WWII. I attended in the late 1990s and received my bachelor’s degree, and my niece is a senior Ag Education major this year.

Billie Jean Scharringhausen Heeb '59 - St. Louis, MO

Don Heeb graduated in 1958. He was a Sigma Chi and played on the football team. He went on to teach and coach football for over 30 years. He passed away 2021. I graduated in 1959 and was an Alpha Chi Omega. I taught high school for over 20 years. Our daughter, Robyn Heeb Corwin, attended SEMO from 1982-1985 and was an Alpha Chi Omega member too. She taught elementary school for over 20 years.

George Suggs '78 - St. Louis, MO

My father came to SEMO in the Fall of 1964 as an assistant professor of history and stayed until he retired. I received my B.S. in education in 1978 and shortly after my mother, Helen Virginia Suggs received her master's from SEMO.

Jimmie James '74 - Desloge, MO

My wife and I attended Southeast Missouri State University together our junior and senior years. My wife graduated earlier than I did, while I broke off to enter the military. I returned in 1972 after military service and finished up classes overtime while working full time. I graduated in 1974. I have a B.S. in business administration/ accounting and my wife has B.S. in marketing management. Originally she had a scholarship in music but changed her major.

Kayla Patek 2020 - Jefferson County, MO

My grandma and many of her siblings went to SEMO to become teachers. I followed in their footsteps but with a different major.

Ruth Ann Hester '90 - Cape Girardeau, MO

Southeast has been a part of my family's life for years. My father and mother moved from St. Louis to Cape Girardeau in 1966 so my Dad, Thomas Wencewicz, could take a job at Southeast as a professor in the Mathematics Department. My parents raised six children, and we all attended Southeast. My dad worked for 42 years at Southeast before retiring in 2008, sharing his love of Mathematics with many. My wonderful father passed away April 27, 2022, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of many!

Raymond Bohannon '81 - Sikeston, MO

I am currently in my 16th year as a professor for SEMO. I graduated with a Master's degree in 1981 and a Specialist's degree in 1991. My wife, Sheila, graduated with a Bachelor's degree in 1975 (Go Indians). Our son, Clint, holds a Pharm D degree and added an MBA from SEMO in 2019 and our son, Chris, graduated with Bachelor's degrees in 2008 and again in 2019 from SEMO. In 2019 both sons graduated the same day. My wife and I are first-generation college graduates! Go Redhawks!

Catherine Wright '02 - Jackson, MO

After high school I attended SEMO and got an Associate Applied degree in Computer Science. That was in 1977. I was the first in my family to attend college. After getting this degree I got married and started my employment at Procter and Gamble. I was able to retire in 2003 and decided to return to SEMO and get a Bachelor's Degree. I received my Bachelors Degree in Business in 2007. My oldest son started SEMO in 2002 and we graduated the same day, May 2007 and it was Mother's Day weekend.

Kara Sterling '07 - Terre Haute, IN

I have Southeast Legacies on both sides of my family tree. My mother and her two sisters (who all became teachers & were First Generation college students). On my dad's side, my grandmother (also a teacher) and her brother (my great uncle). And my great-grandmother and great-grandaunt (sisters) came to campus via a horse and buggy to take classes. There may have been a few cousins of my grandmother that came as well.

Dennis Nail '71 - Kennett, MO

I began as a freshman in the fall of 1967. I graduated in 1971, then received my Master's degree in 1978. My daughter (Leslie Quarles) began as a freshman 25 years after me (1992, graduating in 1996. This fall, her daughter (Presley Quarles) began her freshman year at SEMO as a music major. Needless to say, I am quite proud to be a part of a Southeast Missouri State University legacy!

Bruce Dalton '76 - Arlington, TX

My dad, Clarence H Dalton, attended SEMO around 1935 and was on the track team. His mile relay team set a record that stood for over 20 years. He came back after WWII and was a math teacher until he retired in 1977. My .om, Mary Ann Dalton, earned her nursing degree from SEMO around 1978.

Jim Christie '73 - The Villages, FL

My brother graduated from SEMO in 1966 with an accounting degree and I graduated from the newly established University designation in 1973, which, of course, was the 100-year anniversary as well. My daughter graduated from SEMO University in 1999 with a degree in Sports Medicine.

Sara (Renaud) Boyer '84 - Festus, MO

I graduated in 1984 and my daughter Ashlynn ( Boyer) Williams, graduated with her BS in Teaching 2010 and then her Masters in 2019. My other daughter Danielle ( Boyer) Hoeckele, graduated with her BS in 2012, then went on to Logan Chiropractic for her Dr of Chiropratic.

Janelle Gibson '91 - St. Louis, MO

Currently, my son is a freshman majoring in Agricultural Business. I graduated in 1991 with a major in Psychology. My mother attended Southeast as well as her siblings. Two aunts received both Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Education. One received a degree in Chemistry. My uncle played football for Southeast for four years. In addition, I have a great aunt who received her nursing degree from Southeast.

Art Wallhausen - Cape Girardeau, MO

Wife Helen received master's degree in 1987 and taught in the College of Education one year. Sons Tre and Matthew both attended as undergraduates and both now work in the SEMO IT Department Grandchildren Nicholas and Katherine both attended and Nick has a B.S. in computer technology. I worked there for 24 years (1984-2008) — 2 years as coordinator of the news bureau and 22 as assistant to six presidents—Stacy, Foster, Stroup, Atchley, Nitzschke, and Dobbins.

Alicia Lincoln '14 - Cape Girardeau, MO

My mother graduated from SEMO. My daughter is currently attending SEMO. I am also working on my Masters at SEMO (graduating Fall 2023). My stepfather, sister, and aunt also graduated from SEMO. My mother retired as an employee from SEMO and I have worked here for 15 years.

Troy Ward '91 - Cape Girardeau, MO

My wife, Suzan, and I both are both Alumni, and our youngest daughter, Sarah, is currently in her 3rd year at SEMO, making her parents proud that she followed in our footsteps.

Carroll Williams '59 - Cape Grardeau

I have children and grandchildren who attended or were employed at SEMO over the years. Everything from coaching at SEMO as well to being an All-American athlete there as well. In addition to my having been there for decades as a teacher, coach, athletic director, and student for 50 years.

Brooke DeArman '08 - Cape Girardeau

My Dad, Doyle Privett '73, and my Brother, Brian Privett '03, are both SEMO Alums. I graduated from SEMO in both '08 and '10.

Dustin Fritsche '99 - Virginia, IL

My grandfather, James T. White got his bachelor’s and master’s degrees after leaving the Army in WWII. I attended in the late 1990s and received my bachelor’s degree, and my niece is a senior Ag Education major this year.

Beth Quade Batista '75 - Weatherford, TX

Both of my grandparents, Mr & Mrs. Edward C Hall(who have an established scholarship at SEMO) class of 1915, my mother, Frankie Hall, class of 1942(?), my sister, Barbara Quade, and myself all attended SEMO. Alas, my children did not continue the tradition. I have my grandparents' diploma framed and on display at my home. It's quite a conversation piece!

Tara Sandretto '09 - St. Louis, MO

My parents both attended (father graduated in 1979), I graduated in 2007 (undergrad) and 2009 (graduate school), and my sister graduated in 2010 (undergrad) and 2012 (graduate school).

Judith Gallagher '66 - Fort Worth, TX

My paternal grandmother, Freda Bryant Matthews Aslin, graduated in the early 50's with a bachelor's in elementary education.

Todd McNab '94 - Naperville, IL

My dad graduated from SEMO and I'm a proud graduate as well. While my Mom worked at SE Hospital, my Dad was going to school and they lived on Henderson, so they each had easy walks to campus and the hospital. I treasured my four years in Cape, from the Capaha Arrow to concerts and games at the Show-Me-Center to working and playing at the Rec Center to my classes from one end of the traditional campus to the other (I was there right before the River Campus was built)!

Donald LaFerla '62 - Joplin, MO

My wife Gloria’s father and brother graduated in the late 50s. Gloria and I met there in 1959 and were married in 1961. I have 2 cousins who graduated after we did. Her father and brother are her legacies. Luther King and Robert King are Gloria’s legacy and mine because we all were in the same family.

Michael Miodunski '71 - Barnhart. MO

In February 1969 I met my future wife, Kathy Christensen (graduated 1973) at one of the weekly dances in Memorial Hall. We were married in August 1971. Our son Michael Robert Miodunski and his future wife Trinity Moss both graduated from SEMO in 1998 and 1999 respectively. They have a son, Michael Ira Miodunski who is currently a Freshman at Jefferson College. He quite likely will transfer to SEMO in his Junior year. If he does, this will make 3 generations of Miodunski’s to attend SEMO.

LaDon Dial '78 - Lee's Summit, MO

My Mother's family could only afford 1 year of SEMO for her in the early 1950's. I have her yearbook. I was very fortunate to get to attend and graduate from SEMO in the 1970's. My family paid for half, and I paid for half. SEMO has a special place in my heart and always will.

Diana Sommer '75 - Wellsville, MO

I graduated in May 1975 with a B.S. in Elementary Education. My daughter, Tracy, graduated in May 2017 with a degree in Marine Biology.

Ronda Turner Hogan '66 - Oakland, TN

My mother, Ruby Dale Sudduth Turner, attended SEMO in 1935-36 and to 1937. She taught for a time and completed her Bachelor’s degree in 1947 I believe. My sister also graduated from SEMO in 1965.

Jacquelyn Ackert (Craig) '89 - Dixon, IL

I was the first member of my family to attend SEMO. My brother followed and graduated in 1993. Two of my children attend SEMO: Valarie Ackert, Class of 2010 and Jessica Ackert, Class of 2018.

Jill Smucker '01 - Troy, IL

I graduated with my BS in Psychology in 2001 (Jill Fuehne), and now my oldest child, Alex Boehne, is a freshman. Accompanying him to campus tours and moving him into Towers, where I also lived for a few years, has been so nostalgic and a true joy!

Karen Livingston '07 - St. Louis, MO

Diane Livingston 1974 BS second education, math major, minor in physical geography Karen Livingston 2007 BS mass communication/public relations, minor political science.

Tammy Brock (Spane) '88 - Cape Girardeau, MO

I was the first in my family to graduate from SEMO with an Education Degree. I have a daughter, Megan who graduated with an Education Degree, and a son, Zachary who graduated with a Pre-Med Degree and is working on a Masters Degree from SEMO now.

John Wright '74 - Savannah, GA

All four children of Carl and Katherine Wright attended and graduated from Southeast Missouri State: Kay Wright Armstrong (1959), Charles K. Wright (1962), Sally Wright Metz (1970), and John R. Wright (1974).

Tracy Newberry-Henson '96 - Piedmont, MO

My mom, Sonia Newberry-Bequette, completed the ROTC program in 1981, and cousin Debra Gibson completed her RN in '85, I earned my BS in '96 and BSEd in '03. My husband, James Henson, earned his BS in '96, as well. Currently, my son, Jackson Henson, is on track to graduate with his BS in Spring '24. My niece Cheyenne Peck will be finishing up an IT degree at SEMO, as well. My dad, David Newberry, also attended but did not graduate.

Brian Brown '95 - House Springs, MO

My mother graduated from SEMO including getting her Master's from there. Also, my sister graduated from SEMO as well. Out of High School, I attended Cape Vo-Tech for a year. After that, my mother and sister persuaded me to try SEMO out for at least one semester. I ended up completing my BS from SEMO.

Alejandro Jose Torres Bueno '73 - Maracaibo, VENZ

Being the ONLY FOREIGN PILOT in "The World" to have ALL CERTIFIED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR LICENSES the FAA issue since 1988 as a result of having to obtain my MASTER DEGREE in TEACHING from SEMO in 1973 is a very unique achievement since there is only hand full of U S Citizens that have reached this level of proficiency. All thanks to the ExAMPLE set forward by my MENTOR Don Godwin also a SEMO Alumni.

Kathleen Woods Stoll '72 - Festus, MO

My daughter, Laura Woods Irelan graduated from SEMO in 1997. She majored in elementary education and I majored in music education back in 1972. SEMO produced two teachers from our family. I’m now retired and Laura continues her career at Festus Elementary.

Cody Walker '05 - St. Louis, MO

My stepmom and stepdad graduated in 1984, a whole year before I was born. After I graduated, my stepbrother attended. He went on to graduate from the same mass communication program I did.

Sarah Guilfoyle '02 - St. Louis, MO

My dad, his two brothers, his sister, my mom, her sister, and I all graduated from SEMO. Trying to convince my sons! (They are 11 and 6)

Rodney Mills '58 - St. Louis, MO

My grandson Mike Mills and me. Both are Sig Eps. My wife Joyce did some grad work at SEMO.

L Glen Williams '83 - Sunnyville, MO

I transferred to Southeast in '81--due to a love interest. She & I didn't last, but it still was a good move. I had excellent instruction. English TA (Alice Proctor) taught me to write, and the faculty in Communication (Harte; Goodwin; Low; Weatherson; Schulte) introduced me to essential concepts. They helped prepare me for graduate school and connect me w/ a top program. My niece & nephew both chose SE as a result, and they--likewise--have thrived. Thanks SE!


Maureen Clancy-May '79 - St. Louis, MO

I wish I could say Kent Library but that wasn't necessarily the case unless there was a need to research. I found that the University Center had a variety of cozy spots in which to study. Also sitting by the Mississippi River (downtown) was a great spot when the weather accommodated my studies.

Vanessa Fair '19 - Corydon, IN

I really liked to study in the Interior Design computer classroom on the first floor in Scully. It’s meant solely for the interior design students, so it felt exclusive. I got to work there alongside my peers and pulled some all-nighters to wrap up our projects. Some good times there. :)

Beverly Logan '78 - St. Louis, MO

Vacillated between Kent Library, my apartment that overlooked the Mississippi River and the green open space near Academic Hall.

Joyce Mitchell '71 - St. Peters, MO

I studied in either my dorm room in Cheney Hall or Kent Library. Both places were quiet.

Angela Kuri '16 - St. Louis, MO

I definitely found it easiest to study at Kent Library. It was always quiet, had the necessities (books, computers, printers, cafe), and was filled with other students who wanted the same peace while working on their own assignments.

Judith Foard-Giucastro '60 - Westfield, MA

I liked to study in the library - in the main reading room or in the stacks. I liked it there because it was quiet.

Christina Gurka '00 - Schertz, TX

I used to study sitting in or outside of my dorm at like 11 p.m. after working at El Chico almost every night.

Linda Doyle '67 - St. Louis, MO

I did my best studying in my dorm room, where we had quiet hours in the evening. I preferred that to being around people coming and going. Everything I needed was right there, and no distractions!

Robert Brown '79 - St. Charles, MO

On the terraces on the eastside of Academic Hall if it was a nice weekend afternoon. Study carrels in Kent Library were good places at night or on cold days.

Terri Bartnett '79 - Columbus, IN

I mostly studied in my dorm room: Towers North 8. It was my home away from home- and it was a great place for me to study. When I moved off campus during my junior year- I studied in our house: a big white house on Broadway directly across the street from Capaha Park. Sadly, it is no longer there.

Ronda Hogan '66 - Oakland, TN

Upstairs at Mrs Sabine’s boarding house. It was a cozy, easy place where I lived and dined. It probably was not the best place for me to study— too much fun and distractions, but I loved it. As I got older, I got more serious about my studies.

Tony Rushing '17 - St. Louis, MO

On top of the Kent Library fountain (I'm even in a brochure doing it). The way the fountain gives off the soothing sound of water running, mixed with the hustle and bustle of campus, I was always able to focus in on what I was studying. Also, very easy to cram study and walk right into class after.

Mike Hopper '10 - Dallas, TX

I spent a lot of time, especially in my last semester, studying in the Athletic Training Student Office in Parker Hall. This was a small space for the students to congregate and study until all hours of the night! And unlike the library, we could take food in there!

Heather Mouser '14 - Cape Girardeau, MO

One of my favorite places to study was at the Kent Library because it was so very quiet and calming place to study. I would go to Kent Library to study or do my homework between classes so I didn’t have to leave the campus. I miss going to Kent!

Hema Vemuri '15 - VA

My Favorite Spot for Studying was in The Kent Library study rooms. They were private and student friendly with good wifi access. Also if we have to check out any books its very close to the floors below to walk and check out a book in no time. Miss those Days at SEMO.

Alecia Watts '13 - St. Louis, MO

Vandiver Computer Lab because it was open 24 hours and usually quiet. Also, Kent Library because you could find a quiet spot if you need a lot more privacy with less distractions.

Robert Pool '95 - Ashland, OH

1st floor storage room of the Lambda Chi House. Piles of chairs and unwanted desks, think Hogwart’s Room of Requirement from Harry Potter, only much smaller. I set up a desk, chair, light and fan in the very back. Wrote some of my best 30pp philosophy papers in that dungeon.

Steve Backer '12 - St. Louis, MO

D'Ladium's was usually quiet on Wednesday nights so I went there to study and have a cheap beer.

Cecil Neudigate Mossotti '61 - Santa Clara, CA

I usually studied in the library because it was quiet. But my roommate my freshman year studied in our bathtub wearing her PJ' water of course. Six of us lived upstairs in a house on Westend Blvd. But 'out on the town'??? In 1957 we had to be in by 10pm during the week and 11 on weekends.

Janice Ham '84 - Cape Girardeau, MO

My favorite place to study was alone in my apartment. I am one of those people who needs complete silence & little to no interruptions.

Charles Bahn '77 - Aurora, MO

Capaha Park - It was peaceful and quiet. The view was beautiful looking out at the trees, grass, pond and ducks.

Laura Edwards '13 - Cape Girardeau, MO

There used to be a quiet lounge on Kent 2nd floor. I would study there, or sometimes, I would study at the big tables by the copy machines in the references section of Kent. Both of these places gave me the three essentials: quiet, a comfortable seat, and room to spread out my study materials.

Brenda Pigg '82 - Desoto, MO

If the weather was nice, I would go up the hill behind Towers South. I lived there 1973-1975 and studied in my dorm room if the weather was not cooperating. When I moved off campus, the library was my go-to place. Or sometimes I would find a quiet spot in Magill.

Marietta Martin '57 - DeSoto, MO

During my years at SEMO, I did most of my studying in my room in Albert Hall. I was there from 1953-1956. Had to come back for graduation spring 1957. I handled the Textbook Rental during those years and there was little time to study there as I worked most available times that I wasn't in class.

Myka Austill '20 - St. Louis, MO

I liked to study in Starbucks in the half circle booth so I could spread out all my account pages and the big book I rented for the class. I’d sit there for hours and the employees learned my order and knew me by name!

Rebecca Treece '96 - New Mardrid, MO

When the weather allowed, in the quad at Dearmont or sitting on the landing for the catwalks at Dearmont. It was always quiet and peaceful and you got plenty of fresh air sitting outside. In the wintertime, I had to settle for a study room on the upper floors of the library.

Audrey Reynolds '65 - Chicago, IL

I was a "commuter," so I studied in my bedroom at home, knowing my parents wouldn't disturb me unless there was an emergency.

Kayla Patek '20 - Jefferson Co., MO

Hammocks by Academic and on River Campus. The serenity of relaxing and reading. Usually it’s quiet and you can retain info better.


Indeewarie Upeksha Peiris '17 - Colombo, Sri Lanka

I will always be grateful to SEMO for introducing me to Ingrid Haguihara, who is now a best friend of mine. For 1-2 semesters, I shared an apartment with Ingrid in Cape Girardeau. Fast forward to 6 years later, we are still friends, even though we now live in 2 different countries, far apart. Ingrid is one of the most kind & empathetic people I have ever met! Despite her financial difficulties, she even sent me a washing machine & a TV for Christmas! I hope to see her again in person one day!

Maddi Thornton '23 - Cape Girardeau, MO

I met my best friend Maggie Piper during our first STEP orientation. We had only known of each other online and recognized each other walking into orientation. We decided to sit by one another and instantly hit it off. I can’t imagine doing college without Maggie. From first meeting, I felt like I’d known her my entire life. She has helped me through every up and down throughout my four years here. I am so grateful we both ended up at SEMO by chance, because I wouldn’t be who I am without her.

Kayla Patek '20 - Jefferson Co., MO

Jeanne Harris, a wonderful professor in Comm Studies. Her willingness to learn ignited my passion for advocacy I succeeded at getting a crosswalk placed near my work because of what we did together as a strong duo. She received the University Contributor Award because we helped each other.

Maureen Clancy-May '79 - St. Louis, MO

I met Jane Stacy and Dr. Meg Sutton my freshman year at SEMO. Both women had a tremendous impact on my time there and time thereafter. Both were formidable leaders in their own right-something that I recognize now more than ever. Dr. Sutton was my first "boss" at the University Center and introduced me to the Dean of Student's Office as well as giving me lessons in leadership. Ms. Stacy was (and still is) an influential person in my life, teaching me about the importance of service to others.

McKenzie (Magnus) Fields '18 - St. Louis, MO

In the fall of 2014, I started my freshman year at Southeast. I met Jessica Westrich and Sabrina Flohr on my floor in Towers East. Exactly seven years to the day after we met, they both stood by my side in my wedding (August 21, 2021). I met my husband, Jake, during my third year at Southeast. We love making trips back to Cape Girardeau when we can to relive our glory days! I have so many memories and lasting friendships from Southeast, and I'm forever grateful. Thank you, SEMO!

Laura (Bauman) Emmons '14 - Cape Girardeau, MO

It was the first week of classes my sophomore year at Southeast when I first met my best friend and now husband, Troy. He was visiting a mutual friend who also lived in Merick Hall. He started coming around more and more, becoming a vital part of the friend group, and the rest is history... Seven years later, we still have regular get together with our SEMO gang, including our annual float trip, Friendsgiving, and ugly sweater party. SEMO really is where you meet your best friends for life!

Charlene Cooper Viets '68 - Henderson, KY

I met LaVerne Keller ( now Levy) freshman year. After college we were roommates & worked at the same high school in St. Louis area. Even after I moved out of state, we kept in touch & have visited often. She has 'been there' for me in many instances. 58 years later I count her as one of my dearest friends. She makes the world a better place & holds a special place in my heart.

Sawyer Magnus '16 - TX

Had a group of friends who were in the same cohort of my major. We spent many nights at Katy O Farrell's with drinks and swapping stories. We called ourselves the Tuesday Group since we were usually there on Tuesdays. Sometimes the best moments you have with other people are those simple conversations that allow you to connect in ways you never thought possible, and I was able to do that with them.

Barbara Hess-O'Neill '78 - Kansas City, MO

I lived in the dormitory Dearmont, on D3. I still keep in touch with several friends I made on that floor. One in particular was Brenda Johnson, she ended up being my roommate, midway through the first year. We became such good friends that she was my maid of honor when I got married in 1986! Even though we live states away from one another, we keep in touch and try to get together whenever we can!

Teresa DeLeonardo DeMattei '79 - Centralia, IL

I met Kristi Vogel Norman when I was trying out for cheerleading. She was already on the squad and I was fortunate to also become a member. We were not only cheerleaders together, but we became sorority sisters when I joined Sigma Sigma Sigma. Later, we became roommates. We found we were so much alike and had many things in common. We have remained close throughout the years. We were in each other's weddings and were happy for each other when our children and grandchildren were born!

Julianne Mason '13 - Ballwin, MO

As a first-year student, I was paired with a random roommate in the residence halls. We instantly clicked, and she's still one of my best friends 13 years later! Not only have we experienced countless fun times together, like attending concerts and traveling abroad, but we've also been there for each other through some hard times. I will always be so grateful to whichever Southeast employee assigned us as roommates. I love you, Brittany!

Ron Doughtery '68 - O'Fallon, MO

I met my wife! We have been married for 54 years. We have two children. They both graduated from Southeast! We also have a grandson that graduated from Southeast.

Brenda Pigg '82 - Jefferson Co., MO

So many! My best friend to this day is Karen (Clegg) Goodwin. We met in Towers South in 1974 and then moved off campus for 2 additional years. Three of my professors had an impact on my future life track….Dr. Train, Dr. Huckabay, and Dr. Hinni. Those three gentlemen encouraged their students to “think outside the box”. My love for all things science continues to this day! Thanks to them for the inspiration!

Allison Egley '06 - St. Peters, MO

Dr. Robert Hamblin, English professor, encouraged me to write. He called me a “good writer” to another professor. I was absolutely shocked. I had always considered myself a “good student” but never a “writer.” That one statement changed my life. I have had stories published, and have met life-long friends through writing, not to mention just the encouragement of those words. Now I can use my words to encourage others, just like Dr. Hamblin did for me.

Sheila Chibnall-Treptow '81 - St. Louis, MO

My Floor Mate Sarah Douglas, on C1 Dearmont, was colorful funny edgy and very kind. Our friendship deepened through the Newman Center on campus. We are still best friends here in 2022 with generations of friendships resulting between parents, children and grandchildren. I am a better person because of her and the three other women on that floor with whom I have similar deep and wide friendships - Pat Florich, Cheryl Chassey, Evey Selman, along with my twin/roommate Sherry Heumann.

James Donatti '86 - Owensville, MO

I think all of the professors in the music department were amazing. The amount of talent SEMO was able to attract in a small setting was phenomenal. My advisor and voice teacher Mr. Gorgon Corwin was especially dear to me. He didn’t have a cookie cutter approach to his voice students. He figured out what made each one of us tick, and used that to bring out the best in us.

Randal Saul '72 - Springfield, MO

I met my wife while we were in college at SEMO! We will be married 50 years in 2023! Great school even better wife!

Karim Mansouri '82 - Kingdom of Bahrain

I met many people while attending SEMO, and the Missourian people collectively changed my life. I have many real estate investments in Cape Girardeau because of my experience at SEMO and Cape Girardeau. Very nice, religious, honest and moral people, with good ethics.

Julia Brightfield '10 - St. Louis, MO

I met my best friend Danielle Meile. We were destined to become friends. We first met at a CCM event sophomore year and then we realized we had a politics class together. Then later that week we randomly sat at the same cafeteria table with a mutual friend and we have been best friends ever since! We joined Gamma Sigma Sigma and did all our service hours together. We have been to Europe together and we still laugh about our crazy times from 10 years ago. Thanks SEMO for bringing us together!!

Ian MacKenzie '08 - Kingston Jamaica

I met my wife, Maria MacKenzie (Palacios) in 2006. We now have two children and have been married for 11 years.

Anna Alexander '19 - St. Louis, MO

My best friends! I can name so many people who I met at SEMO who changed my life. Two that come to mind are my life partner and best friend, Ian McKenzie and my classmate and bestie for life Kat Lowery nee Preston. I was just in Kat’s wedding in 2021. Ian and I plan to get married within the next few years. Ian and I met in a very fairytale-like way. Without knowing each other, we sat next to each other every day in Pflueger’s Women in Literature class. We have spent every day together since.

Elizabeth Magee '04 - St. Louis, MO

I met my 2 best friends at SEMO and my relationship with both of them has shaped my life forever! One I met my freshman year in Dearmont and the other in a workout class on campus. I met them both separately but as we all became CAs we formed a solid friendship together and are the closest friends, going strong 20 years later!

Linda Wells '72 - AZ

The true Title IX heroines…the women in the physical education department that did overtime work for no pay to provide athletic opportunities for women….Marge Mates, Connie Spears, and the program adm…Dr Caskey, Billie O’Neal, and others who role-modeled professional behavior and encouraged our education…all of my teammates who played in those years!

Chelsey Milashoski '20 - Traveling the US

My freshman year of college I met my life-long friend unexpectedly as she was my next-door neighbor in the dorms. We have now been friends for almost six years! We really are fortunate that SEMO gave us each other, and we believe we were meant to go here to find our bestie! We have been best friends ever since! Thank you SEMO!!!

Christine Davis '05 - Cape Girardeau, MO

During my time as a SEMO student I was fortunate enough to meet a professor named Dennis Seyer. It is his influence that determined a lot of my own path in life. It was because if him that I learned a love for the visual and performing arts and was not afraid to travel the world and experience new things. I was a freshman Agribusiness Major and 1997 when i dropped a plant science course and added TH 100 with Mr Seyer. My whole world and life's outlook changed when I took his class.

Linda Doyle '67 - St. Louis, MO

In my fist semester at Cape, I was at the Newman Center and met my future husband, Michael. We have now been married almost 56 years, and have two wonderful children, who have given us 6 beautiful grandchildren, one of who is now a student at Cape. As a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority, I have made many lifelong friends, and many are here in St. Louis. We have stayed together as a group, and enjoy our times together and keeping up with our families.

Missy Janzow '91 - Cape Girardeau, MO

I met my husband Matt at Southeast. I knew of him from highschool but met him in athlete study hall. He played football and I was a runner. We will celebrate 30 years of marriage in May 2023.

Ross McFerron '04 - Cape Girardeau, MO

I met my wife, Alisa (Long) McFerron. I also met many other very close friends and mentors that are still a major part of my life.

Cheryl Wingbermuehle Wilcutt '87 - St. Louis, MO

I met Terisa Crockett the first night I moved into the dorm. She and her roommate asked if I wanted to go to the cafeteria with them for dinner. We became friends that night and remained so all throughout college. Our paths took us in separate directions upon graduation. 30 years later Terisa found me on Facebook and reached out to me. We hadn't seen or talked to each other in 30 years, but it didn't matter. We've been best friends again ever since and to me, she's the sister I never had!

Claire Skelton '18 - Cape Girardeau, MO

From professional to social settings- I can thank SEMO for being the place I was able to meet the individuals who have helped me get to where I am today!

Brooke Clubbs '98 - Jackson, MO

There are many relationships at Southeast that impacted me and that I maintain today, including with my undergraduate advisor and professor, Tom Harte. But, the one that most changed my life would have to be with my husband, Bob Clubbs (Class of 1997)! We met in the lobby of the Rose Theatre for a props crew meeting. By the time we were playing husband and wife in The Music Man, we knew we might be taking on those roles in real life. We have now been married for almost 23 years.

Pete Nardie '72 - Kirkwood, MO

The SEMO Veterans Corp was the relationship that allowed so many Vietnam vets to come back home, get an education and have the benefits of camaraderie. We socialized, participated in intramurals, met our future spouses, engaged in campus politics like the Student Senate and most of all were able to discuss and get rid of the horrors of the war. The Vets Corps began in late '67 with 16 member and by the time I graduated there were over 400 vets on campus. Many lifelong friendships were created

Joanna Shaver '00 - Cape Girardeau, MO

I met Phillip Shaver (co 2002) in a Towers East elevator during the 98-99 academic year (although he doesn't remember it). We began dating in 2002 and married in 2004. We also made our home in Cape Girardeau because of the great experiences we both had at SEMO and in this community.

Oran (Rusty) Morgan '70 - Palm Bay, FL

I dated my future wife, Peggy Crabtree, who also graduated in 1970. We have been married for over 52 years and have three sons and 10 grandchildren.

Meri Boyer '94 - Overland Park, KS

I met my husband at Southeast--we celebrated our 26th anniversary in August. I started at SEMO in fall of 1990 and lived on the 7th floor of Towers South. He didn't start until that spring and moved into a room on the 8th floor of Towers South. We started dating in April of 1991. We were involved in Greek Life together (Sigma Chi and Alpha Xi Delta) and graduated together in May of 1994. We've lived all over the country since then and have 3 children.

Ben White '14 - Chillicothe, MO

I met my wife Alicia Heidbreder while we served as the director and co-director of Greek Week. We became fast friends but it was only after Greek Week ended and the countless days and nights spent together were in the past that I realized that I missed being with her. We started going out shortly after and got married in 2018. We’ve gone through a lot together and there is no way I could have done it without my companion that I met at Southeast Missouri State University.

Sharon Looney '13 - Jackson, MO

Had a great relationship with an English professor. Her attitude changed near graduation and damaged my confidence. Since then, I've worked only part-time temporarily as an English professor, elsewhere, depleting my savings and ending up worse off financially and professionally than before I got two degrees. I am nearly homeless, on food stamps, and have little hope left. I've applied at SEMO but never interviewed, and my grad degree means I'm too qualified to go back to my old life in receptions.

Gerald Wright '69 - St. Louis, MO

Great friendships established and leadership skills enhanced through my involvement with the Service Fraternity - Alpha Phi Omega. Met my wife of 50 years (passed in 2021).

Jonathan Heiland '16 - Fort Myers, FL

Meeting a fellow brother named AJ Collins. His friendship and his leadership within multiple organizations has inspired me to always work hard and to continue to improve myself.

Raven Lawhorn '17 - St. Louis, MO

I met my husband, Joshua Van Bevern, and a group of friends that we call the M3 group (Merick 3rd floor) on the honors floor my freshman year. My husband and I have been together for 9 years now and since we have graduated, we have gotten the M3 group together for holidays, weddings (several friends were in our wedding party), special occasions, and to just hang out. My husband and the group of M3 was shining positive part of my college experience and now part of my post-grad life!

Hubert Guillet '78 - France

One of my teachers, Bert Kellerman and his wife Maryann, welcomed me as a foreign exchange student. They helped me understand the country, the region I was discovering. The two and a half years I spent in Cape at Semo were largely enriched by encounters like the one with the Kellerman. 45 years later, I am still in contact with them, they came to visit me and my family in France and we came back to visit them - and SEMO campus! -several times over the years.

Felicia Terry '90 - Florissant, MO

I met a lot of amazing people while at SEMO but the person who changed my life the most and has provided me with two beautiful children is my husband Reuben S. Terry, Jr. (SEMO c/o 92). We met through mutual friends and began dating in spring 1989. We just recently celebrated 28 years of marriage.

Tyler Koonce '09 - Greenville, SC

Dr. Tamara Baldwin taught Diversity in Communication during my final semester at SEMO in the fall of 2009. She was incredible at highlighting aspects of the industry which needed improvement & helped each of us realize ways we could be part of solutions. In addition to being the best educator I've ever had, she is an incredible person who connected with her students in a unique way because she cares so much for each of us. I've applied insight from her class many times throughout my career.

Donald Horstman '62 - Durham, NC

Met my future wife, Linda Wadeking. She supported me through grad school and a long successful research career as a respiratory physiologist. We just celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary

Maddie Bobbitt (nee Bannes) '12 - St. Louis, MO

In May 2009, my now-husband and I met at SEMO. He was studying business and marketing and I was studying social work. We met on campus and instantly became friends. We began dating in December 2010 and never looked back. We have been together for almost 12 years, married for 3 years, and have two perfect furbabies. He currently works for the St. Louis Blues and I am an Adoption Specialist for a non-profit, the Foster and Adoptive Care Coalition.

James Wilder '76 - Springfield, MO

My journalism adviser Wayne A. Norton was a great mentor for my career in journalism. I was there for SEMO's 100th anniversary in 1973 and was hired by Charlie Wiles to photograph every possible event taking place on campus. Another student and I took more than 1,000 photographs that homecoming weekend. The assignment included alumni gatherings from just about every group imaginable. We wore the wheels off of a university-owned 1972 AMC Ambassador recording all the events on film.

Gary Ujka '80 - Fenton, MO

I met my wife of 41 years, Leisa Fridley Ujka, at Southeast Missouri State. She lived in Cheney Hall and I lived in Towers West. We met at a dance in the spring if 1977 through a friend of hers, started dating that evening, married in 1981, and the rest is history. We have one child, Aimee', who graduated from the University of Missouri. We currently live near Fenton, Missouri. I am retired and Leisa is employed at St. Luke's Hospital.

Tracy Newberry-Henson '96 - Piedmont, MO

I met my husband in Towers' circle in 1991. Of course, I couldn't stand him then. We ran into each other 20 years later and the spark was there. I also formed a lifelong bond with my 2nd Floors Towers East roommates. We are still BFFs to this day.