Be the driving force for quality child care.

With the importance of early childhood development becoming apparent, an associate’s degree will soon become a valuable qualification for child care workers and preschool teachers. Our program teaches you how to create healthy care and learning environments, while giving you a solid foundation to pursue a bachelor’s degree in child development. 

Students acquire first-hand knowledge of child development in action through experiential learning with children and families in a variety of University and community settings 

What You'll Do

The study of child development encompasses the human life span from conception through adolescence. You’ll learn how to create healthy, supportive learning and care environments.  More specifically, you’ll have the opportunity to: 

  • Study the development of children from conception through adolescence. 
  • Continue working, secure an internship or balance life’s other responsibilities by taking online courses. 
  • Start towards your bachelor’s degree in child development with our stackable degree path. 

What Can You Do with a Child Care and Guidance Degree?  

Graduates will have a strong foundation to build towards a bachelor’s degree in child development or pursue a career in the field of child care with confidence. 

Career Opportunities

  • Daycare worker 
  • Nanny 
  • Preschool teacher 

Online: Childcare and Guidance Degree Map

Explore the courses you'll need to complete your degree

Outcomes & Careers 

  • $30k 

    Child Care Worker

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a child care worker is $30,070 per year.

  • $37k 

    Preschool Teacher

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a preschool teacher is $37,130. 



  • $35k

    Teacher Assistant

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for a teacher assistant is $35,550. 


Child Care Curriculum

Degree Map

The child care degree requires a minimum of 73 credit hours to complete, including the general education requirements.

  • CF102 Relationships in the 21st Century (3) 
  • CF120 The Child (3)  
  • CF124 Children’s Health, Safety, and Nutrition (3) 
  • CF200 Constructive Guidance and Discipline (3) 
  • CF209 Introduction to Family Theories (3) 
  • CF215 Observation: Perception and Process (3)  
  • CF233 Creative Thought/Expression in Children (3)  
  • CF250 Family Child Care: Feasibility and Management (3)  
  • CF280 Learning Theory and Application: Preschool (3)  
  • CF285 Learning Theory and Application: Infant-Toddler (3)  
  • CF310 School Age Child Care (3) 
  • CF360 Family Life Education (3)  
  • EX390 Psychology and Education of the Exceptional Child (3) 
Note: Several courses within this program will require observation hours.

  • BS103 Human Biology (3)*
  • EN100 English Composition (3)  
  • EN140 Rhetoric and Critical Thinking (3)  
  • FE200 Family Financial Management (3)  
  • LI243 Children’s Literature (3)  
  • MA128 Numbers & Operations for Educators (4)* 
  • PH218 Physical Science: A Process Approach (3)* 
  • PS103 U.S. Political Systems (3)  
  • SW121 Helping Skills for Human Services (3)* 
  • UI100 First Year Seminar (3)  
  • US105 American History I (3)  


  • US107 American History II (3) 
*or approved substitution

Fall Semester First Year (15)

  • Full Term (3)
  • Full Term (3)
  • Full Term (3)
  • 1st 8 Week (3)
  • 2nd 8 Week (3)

Spring Semester First Year (15)

  • Full Term (3)
  • Full Term (3)
  • 1st 8 Week (3)
  • 2nd 8 Week (3)
  • Wintersession (3)


Summer First year (9)

  • 1st 4 Week (3)
  • 8 Week (3)
  • 2nd 4 Week (3)

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Chair of the Department of Child and Family Studies

"As a professor of Child Development and one who was trained in Agriculture, I see the university setting as a field of opportunities to plant the seed of ideas, inspiration, and purpose; I do this with the hope and expectation that the minds and efforts of future student professionals evolve to produce outcomes that are fruitful to their professions and their communities."

Victor Wilburn, Ph.D.

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98% of College of Education, Health and Human Studies graduates are employed or enrolled in grad school within a year.

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Stackable Degree Path

Earn credentials faster with our stackable degree path! You can work towards your Bachelor of Science in child development while earning your associate’s degree. There are no additional classes needed with this option, getting you to a degree faster without extra work.

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