An undergraduate certificate can open the doors to advancement in your field by giving you a new or advanced skill set. Some certificates can even cover continuing education requirements for certain fields.

Web Development Curriculum

Acquire the skills you need to start your own side hustle or business in web development. Build the foundation to start on your B.S. in computer information systems. You’ll learn the basics of designing programs and developing websites then build on that knowledge to create secure, professional end products. Courses for this certificate directly apply to a B.S. in computer information systems, allowing you to earn a credential and position yourself to earn a degree.

Admission to the University meets requirements for entry into this program.

  • CS101. Introduction to Computer Programming.
    • Introduction to design and development of simple programs using Python. (3). 
  • IS145. Introduction to Web Development.
    • Introduction to website development including vocabulary, tools, and standards used in the field, with emphasis on HTML/CSS. (3). 
  • IS245. Web Development and Security.
    • Web page programming used to develop professional and secure web pages.
    • Prerequisite: CS 101 or IS145 with minimum grade of C. (3). 
  • IS440. Web Design for Electronic Commerce.
    • Developing a World Wide presence using advanced Web-centered technologies and exploring the design, selection, implementation and management of enterprise commerce.
    • Prerequisite: IS 245 with a minimum grade of C. (3). 

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