A graduate certificate can open the doors to advancement in your field by giving you a new or advanced skill set. Some certificates can even cover continuing education requirements for certain fields.

Cloud Computing Curriculum

You know you want to learn more about cloud computing, but aren’t sure you’re ready to take on a full master’s degree. The certificate in cloud computing program gives you a solid foundation to build into a M.S. in applied computer science, while giving you a credential now to help further your career. You’ll build on your knowledge of programming and computing, while getting more familiar with the cloud and it’s uses.

Admission to the University meets requirements for entry into this program.

CS 500 Fundamentals of Programming. 

Data structures, algorithms, object orientation and standard libraries with emphasis on practical programming.
Prerequisite: consent of department chairperson. (3).  

CS 503 Fundamentals of Computing. 

Covers basic understanding of fundamental concepts in computer organizations, networks, algorithms and operating systems.
Prerequisite: consent of department chairperson. (3). 

CS 506 Distributed Cloud Computing. 

Principles and technologies for distributed cloud computing development.
Prerequisites: CS 265 and CS 380 and CS 480; or CS 500 and CS 503; all with minimum grades of C. (3). 

Choose one: 

CS 533 Mobile Computing. 

Mobile device architectures and the application development frameworks for various modern mobile platforms.
Prerequisites: CS 265 and CS 380 and CS 480; or CS 500 and CS 503; all with minimum grades of C. (3). 

CS 603 Introduction to Data Analytics. 

Data collection, analysis and visualization of Big Data.
Prerequisites: CS 500; CS 503. (3).

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