Minors are a secondary area of academic focus.

This can be helpful if you have several areas you’d like to study but don’t want to do a double major. A minor can complement your main course of study by enhancing the value of your major, helping you to find an area of specialization within your major. Or, your minor can just be something you enjoy and want to know more about. Some degrees require a minor. 

An Esports minor is a great addition if you are interested in exploring careers within the Esports industry such as marketing, management, event organization, game development, or any other related fields. Explore the growing industry of competitive gaming and the aspects of eSports beyond playing games.

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If you're interested in playing in Esports while you study for your minor, we have you taken care of! SEMO has a 400-member strong Esports team that will welcome you whether you want to play competitively or just for fun. Our arena is open 24/7 so it's always available when you are.


Esports Minor - (15 Hours Required)

Required Courses:

  • SM225 Introduction to Esports Management (3)
  • SM355 Esports Marketing (3)
  • SM365 Esports League Management (3)

Choose two classes (6 credit hours)

  • CS101 Introduction to Computer Programming (3)
  • TN255 Micro Computer Maintenance and Trouble Shooting (3)
  • HL231 Fitness Conditioning (3)
  • HL350 Issues and Trends in Motor Learning (3)
  • MC204 Strategic Sport Communication (3)
  • MC221 Digital Media Production (3)
  • RC380 Programming for Recreation Services (3)
  • SM220 Introduction to Sport Management (3)
  • SM303 Analysis of Research in Sport (3)
  • SM351 Sport Fan Behavior and Marketing (3)
  • SM512 Contemporary Issues in Sport (3)
  • SM540 Legal Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity (3)

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