As a parent of a high school student, you're probably already thinking about paying for college. One of the biggest benefits of Early College Programs  is earning college credits in high school in a cost effective way. Plus, your student will already start earning a degree, meaning less time to completion once they start college.

You may have more questions about the process or the classes. You can also find the answers to our commonly asked questions below. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us at or the high school guidance counselor for additional information. 

What and where do I pay?

Dual Credit and Early College Credit is about a third of the cost of our standard tuition! All cost information can be found on our Student Financial Services website. They're also your main resource for billing and payment information. Once enrolled, you can find your account summary on your student's portal account at

Want to Help Enroll Your Student? 

Enrolling is simple. First, your student will want to visit with their high school counselor or our Early College Programs team to ensure eligibility. Once your student knows they're eligible, have them contact our team at with their intended starting term. It's that easy! 

What's Next

  • Areas of Study

    Once your student is ready to start college, often the first question is finding a university with the academic program they want. Southeast has a variety of programs to choose from. Our courses offer hands-on learning, creating career-ready graduates, plus our Career Services team is ready at no cost to help them launch that extraordinary career.
  • Course Conversion Tool

    The benefits of taking college courses in high school is that they transfer to college credit. You can view the how Southeast courses transfer for institutions from across the country with the transfer tool and know where your student's college credits will transfer. 
  • General Education Courses

    General Education Courses are required for all majors. Taking these courses as a high school student is ideal, giving them time in college to focus on their academic major area of study or to explore and find out what that major will be! 
  • Portal

    Your student will have a mySEMO account when they are enrolled as an Early College Programs student. Here, they can login and access their University account. Course, payment, and grade information can all be found in the portal. To access the portal your student will need to activate their SE Key.
Early College Programs
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