Southeast’s mission is to provide the opportunity for higher education in our region. Sometimes, location matters. It’s why we have multiple campuses and some specialty campuses, so you get your degree where and how you need.

Campuses Close to Home

Flexible learning isn’t just about the format of your class or your schedule. It’s about being able to achieve your goals. We know that may mean you need to stay close to home, but it shouldn’t mean you can’t go far in your education. Southeast has campuses at Sikeston, Kennett, and Poplar Bluff so you can get your degree without having to uproot your life. And, sometimes you’re so passionate about your academic program that you need to be immersed. Our River Campus was designed so all areas of the arts can learn from and inspire each other. Afterall, that’s how you get a masterpiece.

Main Campus


Southeast Missouri State’s main campus is the kind of place people imagine when they think of college. The beautiful campus is an eclectic mix of old and new. Classic limestone buildings blend harmoniously with contemporary structures. Located in Cape Girardeau, the largest city between St. Louis and Memphis, Southeast is a great place to live and learn in a college-friendly community. From the copper dome of Academic Hall to the gum tree to Cardiac Hill, Southeast is a university with a rich past and a bright future. The main campus houses most of the University’s buildings including all but one of its residence halls. It’s 10,000 students are from all 50 states and 65 countries.

Southeast Campuses

  • The River Campus

    Missouri’s only campus dedicated to art, dance, music, and theatre is a very special place. Overlooking the Mississippi River at the River Campus, you’ll find classrooms and creative spaces, performance venues and a residence hall, studios and students, who are all practicing, creating, and perfecting their talents.
  • Sikeston Campus

    The Sikeston Regional Campus is comprised of one facility which houses all classroom, laboratory, administrative, and student space. A variety of full academic programs and general education requirements are available at the campus. The Department of Agriculture maintains a privately funded, 200-foot radius pivot irrigation system in fields near the campus. Additionally, the campus houses a second location for the Autism Center.
  • Kennett Campus

    The Kennett Regional Campus was born of a partnership with the city to bring needed higher education opportunities to the community. The facility was purchased and has undergone more than a million-dollar renovation to create classroom, laboratory, administrative, and student spaces. A variety of academic programs and general education requirements are available at the campus. The Department of Agriculture also maintains a horticulture incubator laboratory at the Kennett campus. 
  • Poplar Bluff Location

    The Poplar Bluff location allows students to earn a variety of education degrees as well as business, agriculture, and general studies degrees all on location. The facility is housed within Three Rivers College, including classroom and administrative space for an academic advisor to help students transition seamlessly to earn a four-year degree while staying close to home.