Academic Program Review

In addition to Southeast having a robust program assessment process that reviews the quality of program’s meeting their student learning outcomes, SEMO also requires programs be reviewed on a cyclic basis of at least every five years. 

Purpose of Academic Program Review

The faculty handbook outlines the guidelines and procedures for Academic Program Review. As stated in the faculty handbook:

The overall purpose of program review is to assess each unit’s program quality, effectiveness, and continued viability; to stimulate program planning and improvement; to continue to fulfill our mission to the students, communities, and people that we serve; and to encourage the unit’s development in strategic directions that reflect the University’s priorities. The fundamental principle in program review is the use of multiple measures to assess programs. 

College Department Last Institutional Review Next Institutional Review
EHHS Leadership, Middle & Secondary Education 2014-2015 2022-2023
HCAM Music 2015-2016 2022-2023
HCAM Conservatory of Theatre and Dance 2015-2016 2022-2023
HCBC Accounting, Economics & Finance 2015-2016 2022-2023
HCBC Management 2015-2016 2022-2023
HCBC Marketing 2015-2016 2022-2023
EHHS Elementary, Early & Special Education 2014-2015 2023-2024
EHHS Kinesiology, Nutrition, & Recreation 2016-2017 2023-2024
HCAM Mass Media  2016-2017 2023-2024
HSS Criminal Justice, Social Work & Sociology 2016-2017 2023-2024
STEM Biology 2016-2017 2023-2024
EHHS Child and Family Studies 2017-2018 2024-2025
EHHS Psychology and Counselin 2017-2018 2024-2025
HCAM Art and Design 2015-2016 2024-2025
HSS Political Science, Philosophy & Religion 2017-2018 2024-2025
STEM Chemistry and Physics 2016-2017 2024-2025
STEM Engineering and Technology 2017-2018 2024-2025
STEM  Mathematics 2017-2018 2024-2025
EHHS Communication Disorders 2018-2019 2025-2026
EHHS Nursing 2018-2019 2025-2026
HCBC Computer Science  2017-2018 2025-2026
HSS Communication Studies and Modern Languages 2018-2019 2025-2026
HSS English  2018-2019 2025-2026
HSS History and Anthropology 2018-2019 2025-2026
STEM Agriculture 2019-2020 2025-2026

Additional Information and Guidelines

The Academic Program Review datasets, guidelines, and review template can be found in the portal at Following best practices of most accreditors, programs may be asked to provide updates on their progress related to identified concerns in one, two, or three years following their regular five-year review cycle. The portal will also contain detailed scheduling information that includes follow-up reporting deadlines. 

If you have any questions regarding the Academic Program Review process, please contact the Office of the Vice Provost at or 573-651-2207.


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