Provost Faculty Excellence Award 

Formerly known as the PRIDE Award (Provost’s Research, Instruction and Development for Excellence Award), the Provost Faculty Excellence Award is chosen from nominees from each of the five colleges. 

2021-2022 Provost Faculty Excellence Award Recipient  

Tony Faber, Professor of Child and Family Studies, Department of Child and Family Studies 

Criteria for Award Nominees 

Distinguished faculty performance, evidenced by teaching, scholarly or creative activity and professional-related service. Each college will nominate a faculty member for the Provost Faculty Excellence Award. The candidates must be at the level of full professor to be considered for this prestigious award. 

Source of Nominations 

Nominations are to be made from the faculty member’s peers, chair, or dean. The nominee must prepare a portfolio to support the nomination. 

Required Documentation 

Nomination portfolios for these awards are limited to 8 pages. Each portfolio must be in a digital format to include the following information: 

  • A nomination letter from the nominating individual and two letters of support from colleagues qualified to comment on the nominee’s teaching, scholarship, or service. 
  • An abbreviated curriculum vita (2-3 pages). 
  • Any key documents that provide evidence of the nominee’s excellence in teaching and advising, scholarly or creative activity, and leadership or service (e.g. course evaluations, statement of teaching philosophy) 


The candidates must be a full professor employed at the University full time, for a minimum of 5 years, to be eligible for this award. This award is a culmination of activities (teaching, scholarly or creative activity and professional-related service) over the duration of the faculty members career that includes, but is not limited to, their activities Southeast Missouri State University. Nomination materials be submitted by email to the Office of the Provost by the deans for consideration by November 15, 2021. Please send materials to 

Provost Awards for Teaching Excellence 

Provost Awards for Teaching Excellence recognize faculty who have demonstrated a commitment to exceptional teaching and student success. Multiple awards are available each year across a range of categories. 

2021-2022 Faculty Honorees 

Congratulations to this year's recipients! 

Mr. Jeremy Griffin 
Holland College of Arts and Media: Department of Art and Design 
Dr. Joseph Jefferson 
Holland College of Arts and Media: Department of Music
Ms. Amber Cook 
Holland College of Arts and Media: Department of Theatre and Dance
Mr. Garion Lovig
College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Department of Mathematics 
Mr. Joel Ramdial
College of Education, Health, and Human Studies: Department of Kinesiology, Nutrition, and Recreation 

Dr. Sarah Shaner
College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Department of Chemistry and Physics 
Ms. Amanda Milbrandt
College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: Department of Chemistry and Physics

Who can receive an award? 

Any faculty member (full-time or adjunct) is eligible to be nominated (i.e. by another colleague) or to apply directly for these awards. 

What are the award criteria? 

The applications/nominations will be evaluated against the following criteria for each award category, based on the letter of support and their supervisor's endorsement: 

Excellence in Teaching Innovation Award 

Applicants should demonstrate a keen awareness of the needs of today’s learners. They should showcase how their teaching practice or course/program design effectively promotes flexible and innovative learning, providing students option in pace, place and/or mode of study. 

Excellence in Experiential Teaching Award 

Engaged learning occurs when faculty elevate student learning through the creation of an active learning environment within their classes, labs, or studios. The faculty employs several high-impact practices in their instruction and foster growth in students through an increased ability to learn and apply the knowledge, skills, and concepts needed for success. 

Excellence in Student Mentorship Award 

Faculty for the Excellence in Student Mentorship demonstrate that they have put forth extraordinary efforts to increase student success. They will demonstrate efforts that provide students opportunities to engage in meaningful academic experiences. They provide strong support for student academic achievement through mentoring students and providing student advising that goes well beyond the scheduling of courses. The faculty member participates in professional development as it relates to student success and they engage students through meaningful curriculum and regularly review and redesign their curriculum to create classes that focus on student success. 

Excellence in Online Teaching Award 

Applicants should be champions of online learning on campus and must have completed Online Teaching Academy (OTA) at Southeast. Award-winners should demonstrate breadth and depth of knowledge in online learning - from a global perspective down to individual online course best practices. Through his/her work in Online Teaching Academy or elsewhere, the successful applicant will show evidence of scholarship and research in the field. 

Excellence in Supporting Undergraduate Research Award 

Instilling an understanding and appreciation of research at the undergraduate level is critical to student success. Faculty should demonstrate that they have established a strong mentoring relationship with their undergraduate mentees and support as well as challenge them with engaging in research within their discipline. They should inspire students to pursue research and scholarly activities, ensure the students gain an understanding of the ethical responsibilities and considerations for research, and assist students in disseminating their work through professional outlets. 

Excellence in Supporting Graduate Research Award 

Building and developing research skills and a passion for research in students is a key outcome of graduate education. Faculty who demonstrate excellence in supporting graduate research will establishing strong mentorship relationships with students, serve as role models related to research practices and ethical conduct, and inspire students to engage in scholarship and dissemination of their work. 

Excellence in Assessment of Student Learning Award 

A candidate who embodies excellence in assessment of student learning will demonstrate best practices by developing meaningful assessments that lead to student success and that inform teaching practices. Ideally, the candidate’s work in assessment will reach beyond an individual course and contribute to program assessment, general education assessment, and/or institutional assessment. This candidate may also be a leader in assessment at the program, department, or college level. 

Excellence in Teaching General Education Award 

Faculty nominated for the Excellence in Teaching General Education Award should demonstrate extraordinary effort to engage students in their learning; exemplary commitment to supporting student success; innovations in teaching methods; dedication to professional development; and a pedagogical focus on one or more of the general education program’s goals. 

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award 

Graduate Teaching Assistants nominated for the award should demonstrate excellence in teaching; must be currently enrolled and have had teaching responsibilities for at least two full semesters.

What is the process for applying or nominating a colleague? 

The call for applications and nominations is now open. Please use the nomination form to apply for an award, or to nominate a colleague. 

Nomination Form 

Applications must be accompanied by a letter of support by the nominator or applicant. The letter should be no longer than two pages, and it should contain specific examples and other detailed information to support your nomination/application. The letter may be uploaded with the nomination form, or entered into the appropriate text box on the form. 

Support from supervisors: In addition to the letter of support provided by the nominator/applicant, the evaluation team will be in touch with supervisors of the nominee/applicant to get a verbal or written endorsement for each candidate. This does not need to be included with this submission. 

What is the deadline? 

To submit a nomination, please complete the “Nomination Form” by the deadline: 11:59 p.m. Sunday, March 27, 2022. 

How will the award recipients be honored? 

The recipients of each award will be announced during the Spring 2022 semester. This year the recipients will be honored at the Student Life and Leadership Awards ceremony on the first week of May. 

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