Student forms are available to students to complete General Education course substitutions, course transferring, waivers, military-based substitutions, interdisciplinary studies, and contracts for studying abroad.

Course Substitution 

Students should use the form below to request General Education credit for a transfer course taken at another institution or a non-General Education course taken at Southeast. The same form can be used to request a waiver of a General Education requirement

Students should discuss General Education substitutions or waivers with their academic advisor. After completing the form, students should obtain their advisor's signature on the form and submit the form to 

Couse Substitution Form

Military-Based Substitutions 

Veterans and currently serving military personnel with 20 or more years of qualifying service, either Active or Reserve Component, are eligible to apply for senior seminar credit based on their military service. To earn this credit, students must complete a 4-5 page (1,000-1,500 words) reflective essay on their military career (typed, double-spaced, use font: Times New Roman 11 or 12). Potential areas to discuss include: 

  • Motivation for beginning and continuing military service 
  • The relationship of the individual to the group 
  • Examples of leadership 
  • Experiences with diversity 
  • Engagement with military leaders, internal and external 
  • Personal growth 
  • The impact of overseas service 
  • Key educational experiences 
  • The development of communities within the military 
  • For assistance with preparing your essay, please visit the Center for Writing Excellence

For more information about the substitution process, please contact the Office of Military and Veteran Services or contact the General Education Office, 

Military-Based Substitution Form

UI100 Waiver Guidelines - Transfer Students 

UI100 is required for transfer students with fewer than 24 credit hours, excluding dual enrollment, dual credit, military credit, or early college credit 

Transfer Students Waiver Form

General Education Contract for Study Abroad 

The student must request and receive advance permission for additional project-based efforts that relate their experience to General Education. 

General Education Contract

Interdisciplinary Studies 

To declare an interdisciplinary studies major, students fill out this form with their advisors’ assistance prior to completing 75 hours of coursework. 
To modify an approved interdisciplinary studies major, students fill out this form with their advisors’ assistance prior to the student's final semester. 

Plan of Study – Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies Revision Request Form

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