Beginning October 2013, Missouri Senate Bill 197 requires new students attending any college or university in the State of Missouri to be screened for Tuberculosis (TB). The screening must follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention protocols that screen individuals based upon their time outside the United States, and their possible exposure to TB, or those who are likely to have come in contact with someone who has TB. The legislation requires colleges and universities to place a hold on a student’s registration if they do not complete the Tuberculosis screening within their first semester at a Missouri college or University.

Any student answering yes to one of the following questions on the TB Screening Questionnaire is required by Missouri law to be physically tested for Tuberculosis with either a Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) or PPD, or Interferon Gamma Release Assays (IGRAs). IGRAs are blood tests that must be used to test for TB on anyone who has lived outside the U.S. for more than one month. TSTs may not be reliable if any international student has ever received a BCG vaccine in the past. BCG vaccine is commonly used in many countries outside the U.S. to prevent TB. IGRA tests include T-Spot and Quantiferon TB Gold. All new, incoming international students at Southeast are screened with a blood test (Quantiferon TB Gold). 

  1. Have you ever been sick with tuberculosis?
  2. Have you ever had a positive PPD, TB Quantiferon test, or T-SPOT?
  3. Were you born in, or have you lived, worked, or visited for more than one month in any of the following: Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, or Eastern Europe?
  4. Have you had HIV infection, AIDS, diabetes, leukemia, lymphoma, or a chronic immune disorder?
  5. Are you or have you been a health care worker?
  6. Have you ever lived, worked, or volunteered in any homeless shelter, prison, jail, hospital or drug rehabilitation unit, nursing home, or residential health care facility?
  7. Have you been in close contact with someone who has or had active TB?

A student answering no to all these questions is considered to have been effectively screened and no further action is needed.

A student answering yes to any of the statements is required to complete a medical test at the Campus Health Clinic in Crisp Hall in order to be further screened for Tuberculosis. If the student can provide documentation of TB testing done within the past calendar year in the U.S. and can provide a copy of that test to the Campus Health Clinic, the screening will be waived.

TB Screening Alternative Login

If you are experiencing problems with your login to the TB screening via the Southeast portal, you can use the link below to access the same screening process and complete the required TB screening. 

TB Screening Login 

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